Discover all the keys to the Ghost of Tsushima combat system

Ghost of Tsushima will launch in a few days, on July 17, and we show you below all the clues about his combat system, thus following our series of specials around the expected title of Sucker Punch.

The story of Ghost of Tsushima It is based on the Mongol invasions of the late 13th century, when they attempted to storm Japan and the first stop was the island of Tsushima. The game tells the story of Jin Sakai, a samuri who survives the invasion and aims to drive out these warriors, with his samuri techniques or the terror he instills as The Ghost, a stealthy assassin who uses traps and all sorts of ploys.

As we show you in the video, it has gotten a lot emphasis on a careful combat system. Sucker Punch has worked on a battle system that places as much importance on attack as it does on defense. That makes being cautious in the fight essential, incentivizing precision and button-pounding strategy.

Sucker Punch explained that there will be two fundamental variants for combat: a more corporal and direct, and another more stealthy and subtle. And for the team to stop, achieving a realistic, intense and rewarding sword fight for the player was essential.

For its development the team has been inspired by the films of the genre of samuris, although a lot of work was done to adapt it to a video game and it was fun, as well as to create the world in which we will move.

There is no interface to guide us, but to be the island itself the one in charge of taking us from one place to another, thus seeking greater immersion for the player.

For example, animals can guide us to secret corners, or a plume of smoke on the horizon will catch our attention to direct our gallop to that point, while the doors torii they can point us to a hidden sanctuary. To get to the points on the map we want, we can invoke gusts of wind that will serve as indicators

Ghost of Tsushima be available next July 17th exclusively for PlayStation 4. “Bring the fantasy of the samuri and ninja world to the freedom of the open worldwe write in our advance of the game, which you can read if you want to know All the details of this powerful adventure that Sucker Punch has prepared for us. You can also take a look at your combat system, where we will dance our catana and we will make use of a whole arsenal of traps.

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