Director Stanislav Tokalov starts shooting the feature film Mīlulis / Diena

The motifs of the film are based on the personal experience of the director and co-author of the screenplay Stanislav Tokalov; transforming it into a script format, a universal story has been made about a young man Matisse (26), who is unable or unable to form a love-based, meaningful relationship with other people. Only the contact with the nine-year-old girl Paul, for whom the main character suddenly has to take responsibility, shakes something deep in her and allows her to see herself with other eyes, slowly fading with the bravado of self-confidence. Matthias and Paul are forced to go through the death of a loved one together and understand what it means to each of them.

“The dramatized incident with Paul’s mother’s death and the sudden dilemma of her friend Matisse poses the question: what would I do if I suddenly had to take care of my partner’s child? The real answer for me and others I’ve talked to about this possibility involves complex morals. and personal embarrassment, which can not be solved easily or painlessly, “says the author of the film Stanislav Tokalov.

The character of the main character Matiss will be the young actor Kārlis Arnolds Avots, who will make his debut in the feature film. Nine-year-old Paul is played by Paula Labāne, her mother as Kristīne Krūze-Hermane. In the roles of the background, several well-known actors will be seen – Vilis Dodiņš, Andris Keišs, Gunārs Āboliņš, Elīna Vaska, Regnārs Vaivars.

Making a movie Darling, the international potential of the film was thought from the very beginning. The film’s producers participated in the prestigious ACE Producer’s Workshop a Script East scenario development program, and the upcoming project was presented and discussed at the festival Tallinn Black Nightswhere it gained wide interest and attention from foreign companies.

Film producer Aija Bērziņa about the project: “In my opinion, the film talks about a very topical topic in today’s society – divorced families. Do children who come from divorced families know how to love, trust and create their own family? I have always thought about it “How many friends and peers are struggling with the trauma of a divorce. In the film, the viewer follows the relationship between the two main characters and the change and growth of Matisse as the main character.

This will be the second feature film for the film’s screenwriter and director Stanislav Tokalov. In 2014, his short film A little longer received the National Film Award Kristaps the Great as the best short film, while his debut feature film That’s what they don’t see (2017) had its world premiere in 2017 at the Moscow International Film Festival. The cinematographer of the film is the Romanian Oleg Mutu, who has worked in several Romanian new wave films, as well as shot all three feature films by director Sergei Loznitsa, and two of them have been made in Latvia.

Study Film Mug, represented by producer Aija Bērziņa, is engaged in the production of high – quality feature films. The first film produced by the company I’m here (2016, director Renārs Vimba) had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2016 and received an award Crystal bear as the best movie section Generation 14 Plus. In 2017 in the studio Film Mug a film co-produced by Latvia, Poland and Lithuania was completed With foam on the lips (dir. Jānis Nords), who received Film Critics Award award at the Moscow International Film Festival. Family films completed in the spring of 2018 Paradise 89 (dir. Madara Dischler) international premiere took place at the BUFF International Film Festival in Malmö. Film Mug his latest work Oleg (dir. Juris Kursietis) experienced its world premiere Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes in spring 2019.

Estonian studio STELLAR FILM, led by experienced producer Evelin Penttilä – her film will be involved in the film’s post-production process. Maria’s Paradise was screened at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, while a short film Bad Hair selected for the 2020 Sandanska Festival /Sundance Film Festival.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for autumn 2021.

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