Differences in the fate of houses of worship and discotheques in Makassar are impacted by Corona


The fate of houses of worship and discotheques in Makassar different time PPKM enacted. Activities in houses of worship are eliminated, while karaoke venues and discotheques can be open with hourly restrictions.

The prohibition on activities in places of worship is stated in Circular Number: 443.01/334/S.Edar/Kesbangpol/VII/2021 concerning the Extension of Restrictions on Community Activities During the COVID-19 Period in Makassar City. The regulation was pressed by the Mayor of Makassar Ramdhan ‘Danny’ in Makassar and is valid from 6 to 20 July 2021.

The following is the prohibition on house of worship activities as stated in the 7th point of the circular letter;

The implementation of Worship Activities (at places of worship in mosques, prayer rooms, churches, temples and monasteries as well as other places of worship will be temporarily suspended, until the area is declared safe based on the determination of the Makassar City Government and further optimizes worship at home.

Head of Makassar Kesbangpol Ahmad Namsum said that the Makassar City Government’s policy of eliminating activities at places of worship in the SE was in accordance with the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 17 of 2021 regarding micro PPKM.

“Indeed, it was confirmed there that Makassar was not on the list (emergency PPKM) but Makassar was in the orange zone, so it was emphasized once again that in the Minister of Home Affairs number 17 of 2021 that for the time being (the activities of places of worship were abolished), not closed, but worship at home,” said Ahmad met at his office, Wednesday (7/7/2021).

Ahmad continued that Walkot Danny would later deploy a COVID-19 detection team who would determine the RT/RW in Makassar to be in the yellow zone or green zone.

“Once the zone is yellow and green, it will be reopened according to the conditions of the city community,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in the 10th point of the Circular Letter, it regulates night entertainment venues to discotheques that may be open until 17.00 WITA. Here are the rules;

The implementation of Karaoke business activities, Family Singing Houses, Night Clubs, Discotheques, Live Music, Massage/Reflection, and the like, including supporting facilities for Night Entertainment at the Hotel, is permitted until 17.00 WITA with a visitor capacity limitation of 25% (twenty five percent) with stricter implementation of health protocols.



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