Diary Sow case: the trail of a voluntary disappearance always privileged

This is a track that the French investigators and the Senegalese authorities were already considering. It seems, at this stage, to gain thickness. While Diary Sow, a brilliant student from the prestigious Parisian high school Louis-le-Grand, has not given any sign of life since January 4, investigators are now looking for “a normal disappearance”.

If the lack of news for two weeks has caused a stir in Senegal and in the community in France, the investigation is moving, “at this stage, towards a voluntary disappearance,” said Monday to AFP , a source close to the case.

“No lead discarded until contact has been established”

“We are not worried, we are on a normal disappearance, which is not a priori criminal”, underlines this source which specifies however “do not rule out as long as no contact has been established”.

This is already what Amadou Diallo, Consul General of Senegal in Paris, suggested a week ago. “For the moment, Diary has not been found and she does not appear to have given any sign of life. However, there are good reasons to think that we will end up finding it safe and sound, ”he replied to the Parisian.

The family explained that it “was not at all like him to suddenly disappear”. On the other hand, the analysis of the student’s room, boulevard du Port-Royal in Paris (13th art.), Suggests that she could have left the premises taking clothes and her personal effects.

A source close to the investigation confirms to the Parisian that optimism remains in place at the beginning of the week without delivering new concrete elements.

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In Dakar, the disappearance of Diary Sow, erected by the government as a symbol of the success of women through education, has become a state affair followed directly by the President of the Republic, Macky Sall. At the same time, the family of the young student tells us this Monday evening that they still have not received any direct or indirect sign of life from her.

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“We’re putting it back together. The easiest way would be for her to come to us, but she does not seem inclined to do so for the moment, ”adds the AFP informant.

A collective is conducting research across France

Embodiment of academic excellence and success in his country, Diary Sow, “Miss Sciences” in 2017 and who dreamed of becoming a genetics researcher, also won the general competition in 2018 and 2019 and was named “best student” of the Senegal.

Since January 4, Diary Sow, a 20-year-old Senegalese woman, has not given any sign of life./LP/Ronan Folgoas
Since January 4, Diary Sow, a 20-year-old Senegalese woman, has not given any sign of life./LP/Ronan Folgoas

After her baccalaureate in 2019, she obtained an excellence scholarship which allowed her to integrate the preparatory class of Louis-Le-Grand, where she studied physics, chemistry and engineering.

Diary Sow also wrote a first novel, “Under the Face of an Angel”, and completed the writing of a second, entitled “The masks fall …” and which was to be published in the coming weeks.

His disappearance was followed by a huge poster campaign for flyers, throughout France, supported by the entire diaspora. A collective called “Retrouvons Diary Sow” was also created and several Franco-Senegalese personalities, including actor Omar Sy, showed their solidarity.

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