Details about the burned furniture showroom on St. Petersburg Blvd.! There were only a few days left until its opening

The press center of the Plovdiv fire brigade provided details about the incident with the burned furniture warehouse on St. Petersburg Blvd.for which previously informed. Here is what the official information says:

Six teams of Plovdiv firefighters extinguished a fire in a furniture showroom on St. Petersburg Blvd. A report of the incident was received tonight at around 9.30 pm. The fire engulfed a two-storey building full of furniture, sofas and mattresses, which was supposed to open on June 1. When burning the upholstery materials, foam and leather, thick smoke is released, which the residents of the area immediately felt. The burning rooms are located near other neighboring buildings and only the rapid intervention of firefighters prevented the spread of flames on the second floor and neighboring buildings.

The most important thing is that there are no victims. Firefighters acted extremely skillfully and effectively in controlling the fire, for which the owners of the site, who came to the scene, expressed their gratitude.

The firefighting, which lasted more than two hours, involved firefighters on duty from the district services in the regional town. The causes of the accident and the value of the damage are yet to be determined.

At the same time, two more teams of firefighters from Plovdiv helped their colleagues in Pazardzhik, where a former car recycling base is burning.

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