Denmark, mink killed for Covid re-emerge from the earth

In some locations in Denmark, the corpses of some of the millions of mink culled in recent weeks after the identification of Covid outbreaks in some farms are emerging from the ground. The latest case was reported at a military training center in Holsterbo but is by no means an isolated incident, National Police spokesman Thomas Kristensen told DR radio station. The macabre phenomenon is due to the scarce amount of earth, in some cases just one meter, which was placed over the corpses which, inflated by the decomposition gases, put pressure on the ground above, thus returning to the light.

Covid, mutation found in mink in Denmark: so they kill more than 100 thousand a day

“It is a natural phenomenon that we are trying to solve by adding earth,” explained Kristensen. The authorities have therefore ordered that mustelids are always buried at a minimum depth of two and a half meters. The area around Holsterbo, which houses a rather large mass grave, has been cordoned off for fear of possible infections. Although the animals’ bodies were disinfected and covered in lime before burial, Kristensen explained, “there may still be pathogens on the fur.”

Nonetheless, the spokesman reassured, since the coronavirus is transmitted mainly through breathing “a dead mink is much less dangerous than a live mink”.

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