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On Wednesday morning, the Russian ship Akademik B. Petrov passed the Gjøa field in the North Sea. Gjøa is managed by Neptune Energy.

– We can confirm that a Russian ship passed the Gjøa platform on Wednesday morning en route to the south. It is gone

Four nautical miles is 7408 meters.

“data-term =” four nautical miles “> four nautical miles from the platform. It’s further south now, says communications manager Liv Jannie Omdal.

Researcher and lecturer Ståle Ulriksen at the Norwegian Naval Academy describes Akademik B. Petrov as a relatively large ship that could resemble an old-fashioned passenger ship.

– She is registered as a research ship, but functions as a spy ship. She has to keep track of what we are doing, says Ulriksen.

Here is the path for Akademik B. Petrov in the period from September 27 to October 5.

After what is possible sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline, the security level has been raised. Incidentally, armed soldiers of the National Guard are now on guard in a number of Norwegian land plants.

The National Guard moved to Kårstø in Tysvær in Rogaland on Monday. They will help the police keep an eye on the facility.

Photo: Marthe Synnøve Susort Johannessen / NRK

Many advanced equipment on board

Ulriksen says it is quite common to observe such Russian ships in Norwegian waters.

– Many Russian ships are called something like “Akademik” or “Mekanik”. They rush up and down the coast here all the time and often lie outside important structures and bases. Akademik B. Petrov has more antennas than normal ships, it seems to have a large sensor capacity. The ship has winches that can put things in the water. She therefore has equipment that makes him suitable for missions other than pure research, he says.

Ståle Ulriksen

Ståle Ulriksen researches and teaches at the Naval Academy.

Photo: Naval Academy

A survey by Aftenposten shows that nine Russian vessels registered as research vessels have made pilgrimages to the Baltic and North Seas since June.

According to The newspaper Norwegian authorities have granted Russia permission to carry out a research cruise on the Norwegian continental shelf. The permit has been granted to the ship Akademik Sergey Vavilov and will be valid until 22 October.

Continuously follows the activity

The Defense Ministry will not specifically comment on Akademik B. Petrov and the activity, but says it is following up.

– The intelligence and security services work in a coordinated manner and continuously monitor the activity of Russian ships along the Norwegian coast in order to detect and prevent security threatening activities, writes press officer Aleksander Engborg Hage in an email to NRK.

The ship also passed the Åsgård field in the Norwegian Sea. Equinor operates Åsgård. Information director Sissel Rinde says the company does not comment on individual observations.

– This is for security reasons. But we have a good dialogue with the police and the Oil Safety Authority and we report to them if we see anything unregulated, she says.

Sissel Rinde, information director at Equinor

Sissel Rinde is the information director at Equinor.


There is a safe zone around the Norwegian oil and gas fields, usually 500 meters away. If a ship moves into this area, Equinor has routines to deal with it.

It is not uncommon, for example, for a fishing boat to end up near the area, in which case Equinor will contact the crew and ask them to leave the safe area.

– In general, we can say that we are concerned that ships do not have to enter the safe zone, says Rinde.

I doubt it will be used on offense

Ståle Ulriksen believes the ship is likely to follow what the Norwegian and British ships are doing. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre accepted a foreign presence on the Norwegian continental shelf.

– The ship can measure and record the type of equipment we have. What kind of sensors, drones and other equipment do we use to protect oil and gas installations? Now this is a high-profile ship that has received a lot of attention both on Twitter and in the media. So I doubt it will be used in an attack. The ship knows we see it, says Ulriksen.

Although Ulriksen believes Akademik B. Petrov is a spy ship, he believes it is not a military ship.

– A military ship will perform other tasks. But the Norwegian Armed Forces Operations Headquarters is keeping an eye on this ship. They have a constant overview.

Norway has full sovereignty within what are called territorial borders. They are located 12 nautical miles outside the baselines in all land areas and islands of Norway, according to Cartography (External Link).

He takes the situation very seriously

In Gjøa, production continued normally. The Russian ship was not within the 500-meter safety zone.

– Ship traffic is constantly monitored by the authorities. Neptune also has an agreement with Equinor Marine, which monitors all ship traffic near our facilities. As a company, we also monitor the safety zone around the platform and the seabed facilities we have in the area. We feel well equipped to know what’s going on around Gjøa, says communications manager Omdal.

The Gjøa platform on the Duva field

The Gjøa platform in the North Sea.

Photo: energy of Neptune

Gjøa is situated in such a way that international ships pass regularly around the platform, including Russian ones.

– For us, this wasn’t particularly sensational. That said, we are confident that the measures authorities and industry have put in place to increase preparedness are working as they should. We have implemented our measures to ensure preparedness locally. So we take the situation very seriously, says Omdal.

It confirms that other Russian ships have also passed Gjøa, approximately the same distance. The ships just passed, they didn’t stay.

Prime Minister Støre tells Aftenposten that they are following the ships, but he will not comment on the matter further.

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