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Thursday, 30 March 2023

There are videos uploaded on Tiktok social media about tutorials to cure various eye diseases using only an ice water compress.

Based on the results of the coordination between the Jalahoaks Team and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office (28/03/2023), clarification was obtained that the claim that eye disease can be cured only by using ice water compresses is not true.

Ophthalmologist Eka Octaviani Budiningtyas, SpM explained, some of the diseases mentioned in the video have different treatment procedures, including:

1. cataract, caused by denaturation of lens proteins which can be caused by aging/degenerative processes, trauma, metabolic changes, congenital abnormalities. The management is cataract extraction surgery with lens implants.
2. Glaucoma, caused by abnormalities in the structure of the intraocular fluid drainage channel, causing increased eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve. Treatment is with eyeball pressure-lowering drugs and if necessary, glaucoma filtration surgery.
3. Retinal detachmentis an eye disease in which the retinal eye nerve layer detaches from its pigment layer, this is a condition emergency on the eyes. Treatment is by vitrectomy, laser, or tamponade surgery to reattach the retina.
4. Diabetic/hypertensive retinopathy, complications of bleeding in the retina due to diabetes / high blood pressure. Treatment can be with a laser or surgery depending on the degree of severity.
5. Retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disorder of the retinal nerve cell pigment. Supportive management depends on the condition at which the diagnosis is established.
6. Ocular toxoplasmosisresulting eye infection toxoplasma gondii so the medicine is an anti-toxoplasma drug.

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Information that the treatment of eye disease can be done only by using ice water compresses, is not true. In fact, eye disease has various types and different conditions so that the treatment also uses different management.

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Hoax Category: False Content/Information (Misleading Content)

Fact Source:
DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office

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