Death from streptococci

A primary school in Hampshire, England confirms that one of their pupils recently lost his life.

The school principal confirms in a press release that the child died of streptococci.

– We are very sorry to have lost one of our young Rivers and extend our condolences to the family of the little boy, says Principal Alison Syred-Paul, according to The independent.

He requests that the privacy of the family be respected.

He also says the school is now working closely with public health authorities to ensure that family, other pupils and staff get the support they need.

In England there is now a growing number of cases of group A streptococcal infectionwhich can lead to scarlet fever.

Not everyone who has a sore throat with this bacteria develops scarlet fever. The disease got its name from the classic scarlet rash you get, according to The pocket doctor.

More dead

The Morelands pupil is the eighth child under the age of 13 in the UK to die of the infection in recent weeks.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) stresses that it is now important to maintain good hand and cough hygiene to reduce the spread.

They ask parents to pay more attention to their children and not hesitate to take them to the doctor if they notice any symptoms.

– It is important for parents to watch for symptoms and see a doctor as soon as possible. If you get treatment early, you can prevent the infection from becoming serious, explains Trish Mannes, deputy regional director of (UKHSA), according to The Independent.

Many cases

In southeast England, there have been 80 reported cases of children aged between one and four years of age contracting the infection.

That’s four times more than usual, according to UKHSA data.

A twelve-year-old boy from London was confirmed to have died on Friday of group A strep. He will be the first primary school pupil to die in the eruption.

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The government in England says it understands people’s concern after the increase in cases of infection.

They ensure that the National Health Service (NHS) is well prepared to deal with the epidemic.

So far, 851 cases of scarlet fever have been recorded in week 46, health authorities say Web sites. In the previous year, the number was 186 cases.

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