Dead mosquito? Take a picture for science

Killed mosquito? Not immediately in the trash. Photos and sites turn out to be interesting data. In addition, holidaymakers are being sought for a medical examination for mosquitoes. In short, the mosquito is food for scientists.

With the new ‘Mosquito Alert App’ app, everyone is a little bit of a scientist. It is a European app, involving researchers from Leiden University, among others. Louie Krol is one of those mosquito experts, who is a member of the One-Health consortium. ,,For research, I go into meadows, nature reserves and communal areas. But it is more difficult to conduct research in cities, for example. I don’t just go into gardens. While those places are interesting, because many people live there who can experience mosquito nuisance and there can be a lot of suitable habitat where mosquito larvae live. Mosquito larvae need standing water, such as a planter, bucket or rain barrel.”



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