World Day without VAT: second day without tax in Colombia...

Day without VAT: second day without tax in Colombia today, July 3 – Sectors – Economy


This Friday, July 3, It takes place on the second day without VAT of the year 2020, which contemplates the release of the collection of this 19 percent tax on commercial premises. From the early hours of the morning some customers must wait for the respective virtual to be able to buy the products of their interest, especially electrical appliances and digital equipment.

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One of the main concerns is the possibility of agglomerations in the chains of large areas, as happened on June 19, day in which more than 80 of these anomalies were reported in the cities and some shops were closed due to these difficulties.

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Remember that household appliances and computers will be sold digitally since the Government suspended the face-to-face sale of these products to avoid crowds.

Keep in mind that this day will be repeated on July 19. These are the most important moments of the day:

9:10 a. m.: While online customers continue to report delayed shopping hours, in some cases with more than 130,000 in a virtual queue, department stores and chain stores are crowded with very few people. The sale of electrical appliances and digital items is done exclusively virtually in accordance with the provisions of the Government.

This is how one of the large stores and chain stores in Medellín looks like.


Esneyder Gutiérrez

8:10 p. m.: Luis Ernesto Gómez, Secretary of the Government of Bogotá, published on his Twitter account, the photos of a commercial establishment and highlighted the citizen culture that is lived in the capital of the country.

8 p. m. In Cali, the department stores of surface present normality, although with very few face-to-face sales due to the scarce influx of public.

Day without VAT

Due to the restriction to buy household appliances during the second day without VAT proposed by the Government, this is the panorama of establishments in Cali.


Juan Pablo Rueda / EL TIEMPO

7:15 p. m.: Very few people make a presence in large chain stores in the main cities of the country to make their face-to-face purchases, unlike the chaotic first day without VAT. The trade centers comply with all the protocols during the day, which is supported by the Police.

Day without VAT

This is how the entrance to the Alkosto store is presented, at the headquarters of the Venice neighborhood, south of Bogotá.


Néstor Gómez. TIME

7 a. m.: Some customers report queuing on virtual platforms and store websites, with delays of up to an hour to access purchases, especially appliances. However, as time goes by, the situation gradually normalizes.

After midnight, multiple virtual commerce sites experienced delays and downturns as they could not bear the high traffic of the day without VAT.

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Online shopping

Large online sales of home appliances and communication equipment are expected.



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