David Hallyday wants to continue confinement after the coronavirus!

With the coronavirus pandemic and the containment measures that have been decided around the world, the planet is breathing again. And the examples are numerous … We note indeed these last days that the air quality in Ile de France has never been as good for 40 years, as China, first world polluter, saw its CO2 collapse or that the canals of Venice have become clear again with the decrease in boat traffic …

What if we continued confinement?

And environmentalists now hope that this health crisis will be the occasion for a real challenge to our model of society. Among them, David Hallyday who shared on March 24 a series of stories on his Instagram account.

He proposed to his followers to reflect on the crucial question of ecology. “let’s talk about other things … Our Environment Ministry should create a new law … Require 4 weeks of confinement in the year (not cumulative) to let nature breathe”.

Laura Smet’s brother shared a series of photos of the miracle that happened in Venice and asked his fans what they thought of his proposal. Unsurprisingly, 93% responded favorably to the survey.

Confined but still committed

A few days ago, the former Estelle Lefébure had shared another committed note which accused the carnivores to be responsible for the current pandemic. A fervent animal activist, David Hallyday said: “COVID-19 would not exist if the world were vegan”. Citing other diseases such as HIV, Ebola, or bird flu that are also caused by this diet, the star lamented: “Your ‘personal choice’ to eat animals affects all living things on this planet “.

This March 25, 2020, according to official figures communicated by the Elysée Palace, France now has 25,233 confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 and 1,331 people have died since the start of the epidemic on January 24.

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