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In August, Samsung will unveil its new generation of Galaxy Note. How many models are planned? What will they offer and when will they be marketed? We tell you all about the next flagship of the Korean manufacturer!

Credits: @OnLeaks x @Pigtou_

Samsung will soon lift the veil on its new Galaxy Note vintage. As every year, the South Korean manufacturer should take advantage of the month of August to present its latest flagship, and as usual, Samsung has a hard time keeping its information secret until the presentation… Here is all the information we have collected here and there about the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 20!

What will the Galaxy Note 20 look like?

If it had been rather discreet in recent months, it is finally Samsung itself which has released an image of the smartphone on its website. Thanks to this visual and other rumors and renderings, we can now get a fairly precise idea of ​​the smartphone. Visually, the Galaxy Note 20 should thus prove to be very close to the Galaxy Note 10, which already signed a frankly successful design. At the front, we should end up with this large slab with extremely thin edges, and a centered punch placed on the upper part of the screen. Just like on the Galaxy S20, Samsung would also have planned to offer a flat screen and abandon its curved panels. At the rear, there would be a little more change, with a brand new photo block, impressive, certainly, but which seems much more aesthetically worked than the photo block of a Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Source: Samsung Russia

When will the Galaxy Note 20 be released?

The date of presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 is no longer a secret: the firm gives us an appointment on August 5 at 4 p.m. (French time) to discover its new flagship. The event will be held online only – health crisis requires – and will be broadcast live both on the official website of Samsung and on YouTube. Now that the date of presentation is known, when could the Galaxy Note 20 be launched? If we follow the example of last year, where Samsung presented its smartphone on August 7 and launched it on the market on August 23, we can logically expect a launch during the last week of August.

How many models of Galaxy Note 20?

Last year, Samsung had chosen to decline its Galaxy Note 10 in two variants: the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+. This year, the South Korean firm could add a third variant to the equation, with an ultra-high-end “Ultra” model, like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, other dissonant rumors indicate that the “Plus” variant could simply be replaced by this “Ultra” model, which would mean that there would be only two models, not three. As the brand has become used to it, we should also be entitled to a “Lite” variant of the smartphone, but this should be launched much later.

How will the Galaxy Note 20 screen look?

The huge screen has always been the main asset of the Samsung Galaxy Note range. If most smartphones today offer a large screen, the Galaxy Note remains one of those offering the largest screens, especially since they are still compatible with the S-Pen, the house stylus from Samsung.

Credits: @OnLeaks x @Pigtou_

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be entitled to a 7-inch screen, a size rarely reached on smartphones. The Galaxy Note 20+ should be content with 6.7 inches, and the Galaxy Note 20 with 6.4 inches. If however the Galaxy Note 20+ were to be replaced by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it could be that the screen of the latter measures 6.7 inches, and not 7 inches. We should also find there most of the novelties already present on the S20 range, starting with a refresh rate at 120 Hz, even if some sources indicate that the Galaxy Note 20 could remain confined to 60 Hz. Finally, another rumor tells us learned that Samsung would opt for LTPO technology on its Galaxy Note 20 range. It is a screen technology that saves up to 15% of energy compared to a conventional screen, and which s is more flexible in managing a higher refresh rate.

What about the features?

Logically, the Galaxy Note 20 should receive the SoC Snapdragon 865 in its international version, just like the Galaxy Note 20. However, other leaks announce the arrival of the Snapdragon 865+, boosted version of the latest high-end SoC from Qualcomm. On the European version, however, expect Exynos processors from Samsung. Thus, we could certainly be entitled to an Exynos 992 engraved in 5nm, in place of the Exynos 990 which equips the Galaxy S20 with us. In terms of RAM, Samsung could offer its Galaxy Note 20 up to 12 GB of RAM, or even up to 16 GB of RAM on the Ultra model. Storage side, there should be quite little change: 128 GB entry-level, and 512 GB maximum.

As for the battery, it is rumored that the Note 20 could have a battery of 4300 mAh, when the Ultra version should benefit from a battery of 4500 mAh. We can therefore expect a relatively similar autonomy to that which we can have with the Galaxy Note 10, but it is difficult to assert this based on a nominal capacity when so many parameters come into play: SoC, screen , software optimization…

What photo configuration on the Galaxy Note 20?

If the Galaxy Note 20 photo configuration has been rather discreet in rumors, that of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been more widely revealed. Thus, we could be entitled to a photo block relatively close to what Samsung offers with its Galaxy S20 Ultra, although a little less provided. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would resume its 108 MP ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor, as well as its periscopic telephoto lens. However, Samsung would have abandoned the idea of ​​offering the same X100 zoom that can be found on the S20 Ultra, for lack of concrete use. Note 20 Ultra could however benefit from an X50 digital zoom.

Source: Samsung Russia


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