Dani Alves and the reasons for the change of lawyer to Lionel Messi

Miraida Bridges Wilsonlawyer of Dani Alvesspecializes in commercial law and has all the confidence of the Brazilian player for business issues.

However, when trying to defend his client on the accusation of sexual assault, he has made a series of mistakes that have cost Alves to remain locked up, and with the threat of being imprisoned for several more years.

The footballer’s contradictions in his statements, the lawyer’s inability to clear up doubts about her client’s guilt, have Alves in real trouble.

The family hires Cristbal Martell

Faced with this situation, the player and his family decided to thank Puentes and hire Cristbal Martella prestigious lawyer who practiced in judicial matters of Lionel Messi y Jordi Puyolwho is also considered by many specialists as the best criminal lawyer in all of Spain.

The mistakes of Dani Alves and his lawyer

The first of all was the hiring of Miraida Bridgeswho gave bad advice from the beginning to the former player of the FC Barcelona and of the UNAM cougars.

Alves testifies at the police station itself, which is not advisable since the complaint can be read there, but they provide the evidence.

Alves spoke three times, once in the police station, another on television, and once again before the investigating judge, and each time he offered statements that were different and incompatible versions.

First, denied knowing the complainantand later told the judge that they did have a sexual relationship, but in a consensual way.

Faced with these errors, Alves’ wife, Joana Sanzproposed to hire the lawyer Andrs Maluendabut the Brazilian family preferred to get the services of Martell, who on some occasion defended Leo Messi of his litigation for tax fraud.

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In addition, he was the attorney for the FC Barcelona in the case of the high-profile hiring of Neymar and the former president of the team, Josep Llus NezOr now Martell will seek Alves to make a statement for the fourth time, but now he manages to discredit the complainant, despite the fact that Alves has already admitted his adultery.

According to the complainant’s account, in addition to being raped, she was beaten by the player, which would be easily verified based on the injury report provided by her.

The date of the trial has not been disclosed, and the maximum time that Alves could be in preventive detention is two years.

If Alves achieves the minimum sentence, it would be two years, but if nothing changes in his favor, the player could remain locked up for a very long time, until he is brought back to the defendant’s chair.

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