Dangerous DHF in Tangerang Regency, Health Office Recorded 611 Cases in Semester I 2022

Merdeka.com – The Tangerang Regency Health Office (Dinkes) recorded an increase in the number of cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in 29 sub-districts in Tangerang Regency in 2022. The number of cases of the disease in the first half of this year has almost matched the cases throughout last year.

Based on data from the Tangerang District Health Office, there were 611 cases of dengue fever from January to June 2022. Meanwhile, from January to December 2021, only 671 cases of dengue were recorded in the area.

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“For the age most affected by dengue cases are 15-44 years,” said Sumihar Sihaloho, Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tangerang District Health Office.

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Deaths Rise

The increasing number of dengue cases in Tangerang Regency was also followed by an increase in cases of death due to the virus carried by the Aides Aegypty mosquito. Sumihar said the death rate from dengue fever in 2022 was up 0.01 percent compared to last year. But he did not specify the number of deaths this year and last year.

“The CFR (Case Fatality Rate) or the death rate in 2021 is 0.4 percent and the CFR in 2022 until June is 0.41 percent,” he said.

Sumihar explained that dengue cases spread in 29 sub-districts. Five sub-districts were recorded as the highest areas of dengue cases, namely Kelapa Dua, Curug, Balaraja, Pagedangan, and Legok.

He appealed to the people of Tangerang Regency to apply a clean and healthy lifestyle and pay attention to mosquito breeding places. “In order for the community to want to check the larvae of their respective homes, by implementing one house one jumantik to reduce dengue cases,” he said. [yan]

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