“Cyberpunk 2077” Sony Refuses to Refund and Calls Players to Wait for the Update to Release-Hong Kongunwire.hk

Recently, “Cyberpunk 2077” has just launched and caused a craze, but it has been found that there are many problems that make the game almost impossible to play on PS4. Therefore, CD Projekt Red issued an official apology a few days ago, and at the same time it is recommended that host users and players can apply for a refund before December 21. However, according to reports, Sony refuses to refund players who have downloaded “Cyberpunk 2077”, and it seems that it does not expect a large number of players to refund.

According to foreign media reports, players who recently downloaded a large number of “Cyberpunk 2077” have applied for a refund from Sony due to a large number of problems with the game. However, Sony seems to refuse to refund players based on its internal digital order cancellation and refund policy, unless the content is wrong, otherwise the game cannot be refunded once it is downloaded. Many netizens believe that Sony will not regard the content of “Cyberpunk 2077” as “wrong” content, so the chance of a refund is not high.

However, according to screenshots of online players’ conversations with Sony customer service, Sony requires players to wait for the update of CD Projekt Red to begin in 2021. According to CD Projekt Red’s apology statement, if the refund is rejected, you can email to [email protected], “The relevant staff will provide full assistance.” There are also reports that some PS4 players have successfully refunded.


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