Criticism of Microsoft business feature: ‘This makes bosses spy’

Employers can now keep an eye on the activities of their staff in Microsoft 365. This includes, for example, how many hours per day they participate in video meetings, collaborate on documents, or chat with colleagues.

This data can be viewed company-wide, but can also be viewed from individual employees. “This turns Microsoft 365 into a complete espionage package,” says security researcher Wolfie Christl The Guardian.

According to Christl, employers in call centers and factories are already using tracking software to monitor employee activity. The addition of Microsoft 365 ensures that every office with business services at Microsoft can do the same.

‘Worse than a dystopia’

“The word ‘dystopia’ isn’t powerful enough to describe what kind of cesspool Microsoft is opening up here,” writes co-founder of the company behind productivity software Basecamp. Twitter-account.

According to Microsoft, the addition is not intended to track personnel. “It’s meant to help companies discover new ways of working,” Jared Spataro writes in documentation for the software. A spokesperson emphasizes that IT departments must enable the feature before it can be used. Until then, productivity is not measured.

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