Cries of a Killed Teenager After Silat Training: My Brother, I Want to See My Brother. All pages – The hearse suddenly came to a house in Srebegan Village, Ceper District, Regency Klaten, Central Java, Sunday (4/4/2021).

The officer then handed over the body of the teenager with the initials MRS (15) to the family.

Suddenly the family was shocked because they had not previously received news about MRS ‘death.

Before being sent home in a lifeless condition, MRS said goodbye to attend martial arts training.

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The family burst into tears at the funeral

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On that same day, MRS’s body was buried. Family sobs broke out at Makam Kulon Klege, Srebegan Village, Cepet, Klaten.

The deceased’s sister named Ika Nesti also cried.

“My brother, want to see my brother,” he said, as quoted from Tribun Solo.

The family also appears to pray beside the grave after the funeral process is over.

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Pencak silat illustrationCOMPASS / LUHUR Pencak silat illustration

Usually come home at dawn

Launch TribunnewsAyu Cahyadi, one of the family members, said that MRS is used to practicing silat.

The boy who sat on the MTs bench used to leave at 20.00 WIB and return home before dawn.

However, that morning there was no news from MRS who had not returned home.

It turns out that MRS was sent home in a lifeless condition.

“Suddenly he was told he was dead,” said Ayu Cahyadi, Sunday (4/3/2021).

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It’s been forbidden by my father

Ayu said, MRS’s father actually forbade her to participate in the martial arts training.

“Previously, the early days of MRS training were prevented by his father from participating in training,” he said.

My father finally agreed because MRS insisted on attending the silat school.

“MRS has been a member of the silat college for one year,” he said.

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Police illustration Police illustration

The body was autopsied, the police intervened

Feeling odd about MRS’s death, the family asked to do an autopsy on the body.

Head of the Klaten Resort Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Andriansyah Rithas Hasibuan confirmed that the victim died after participating in silat training at the Palar Village Hall field, Prucuk District, Klaten.

The police have also carried out crime scenes.

“Witnesses are still being examined,” said Andriansyah when he was confirmed, Sunday afternoon.

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Go martial arts training, come home dead

Previously it was reported that a teenager in Klaten, MRS said goodbye to join the martial arts training at the Palar Village Hall field, Klaten.

However, he was sent home dead on Sunday (4/3/2021) in the morning after attending training.

The Klaten Police are now investigating what happened behind MRS’s death.

Source: (Editor: Teuku Muhammad Valdy Arief), Tribun Solo, Tribunnews

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