Credit analyst in Puno was kidnapped, handcuffed and killed by a customer who refused to pay the debt

Puno: The credit analyst was kidnapped, handcuffed and killed by a delinquent customer who refused to pay the debt

A new case of femicide shocked the residents of Giuliaca, in Puno, after learning that a woman who worked as a credit analyst was kidnapped, handcuffed, killed and then her remains were left in a river. The police have captured the main suspect in the crime.

Vanesa BM, 31 years old, she disappeared on the afternoon of September 29 when, during working hours, she assured that she would go to the home of a delinquent client to collect the amount owed to the financial institution where she worked. Using her motorbike, the young woman left for that place. However, after this alleged meeting, she was never seen again.

After having been missing for almost a day and a half, the woman’s family and friends began to keep vigils and search various places in the city such as hospitals, morgues, health centers. But she was the October 4th that his helmet and gloves were found under a bridge located in Av. Modesto Borda, as explained by the PNP to the media.

After finding the personal effects of the young credit analyst, the police officers began the investigation more thoroughly, as it was very suspicious that the woman’s belongings had been found in that place. It was there that they discovered that, in fact, Vanessa managed to meet the delinquent client identified as John. MA, 33 years old.

Puno Credit analyst was kidnapped, handcuffed and killed by a delinquent client who refused to pay the debt
Puno Credit analyst was kidnapped, handcuffed and killed by a delinquent client who refused to pay the debt

Continuing the investigation, the police found the woman’s remains on October 5 in the early hours of the morning. Vanesa’s body was abandoned very close to the river bank. The Coata River, height of the Churi Bridge. The body showed signs of being handcuffed, gagged and had several cuts.

Faced with these harsh scenes, the detectives immediately captured Jhony Mendoza as the main suspect and his partner, Gricelia González Andaluz, who was also allegedly involved in the femicide. Media in the area revealed that the couple works in the hardware business and that the criminal’s credit was the purchase of new material.

In a press conference, PNP Colonel Marcial Flores Huamán, head of the criminal investigation division in Puno, indicated that JHony Mendoza confessed to being the perpetrator of the murder.

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“This person committed the fact with premeditation, betrayal and advantage, for this reason he gathered all the necessary elements to commit this murder (…) The reason for the facts was the payment of a debt because the victim went out to collect and meet this person (Yhony Mendoza). It is in these circumstances that she is kidnapped and killed, the debt was 8,000 soles“, he indicated.

Police officers added that the confessed killer never paid any amount of money in connection with the loan. “This is why the cell phone arrives following the non-payment of the debt (…) The investigation is for aggravated femicide because it is apparently known that there would be an alleged romantic relationship with the victim. The author confessed in detail how he committed the criminal act and we are under investigation, his wife would be involved, “he added.


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