Covid-19: Died volunteer involved in Oxford vaccine trial – Coronavirus

A Brazilian volunteer died who was participating in the vaccine clinics developed by the University of Oxford and the laboratory AstraZeneca. According to the Brazilian newspaper Or Balloon, the man died due to complications from Covid-19, last Thursday. The company did not say whether this patient had received a dose of the vaccine or a placebo.

The Brazilian newspaper reports that the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) was formally informed of the patient’s death this Monday, which he explained to the Globe that the case is under evaluation, but that the investigation has not been suspended and that the International Security Assessment Committee has already received all data on the case, also giving the approval to continue the tests.

The volunteer who died was a 28-year-old physician who, since March, had been on the frontline of patient care in Covid-19, in intensive care units and in emergencies.

It is not yet clear whether the patient had received a dose of the vaccine if he had received a test placebo. In an answer cited by Globe, Anvisa stated that “based on the ethical confidentiality commitments provided for in the protocol, the regulatory agencies involved receive partial data related to the investigation carried out by this committee, which they suggested to continue the study”.

So far, around 8,000 volunteers have been “vaccinated” in Brazil and more than 20,000 people worldwide under this project.

Studies for this vaccine had already been halted when a British patient had suspected transversal sclerosis, and was later resumed when it was found that this disease was not in the least related to the vaccine.

According to the doctor’s friends, the young man was in good health and had no other known diseases that could make it difficult to fight the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Doctor will have received a dose of the vaccine / placebo from AstraZeneca and Oxford in late July. He fell ill in September and died on October 15.


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