Covid-19 Can Spread Through The Air, Don’t Be Afraid, Here’s How To Turn It Off

BANTEN NEWS -Virus sarcov-2 or Covid-19 is known to spread through droplet or a small splash that sticks to the surface of an object. However, recently there have been reports that say the virus can spread through the air.

Head of Health and Social Affairs of the Indonesian Red Cross (SMEs) Doctor Heru Ariyadi said, airborne transmission of Covid-19 occurs when the air circulation in a room is poor.

“Usually, a room that is closed and filled with many people has the potential to make particles floating in the air last a long time. The Covid-19 that hovers in the air does not fly by itself. The virus is carried on droplet or on other light media. The floating media carrying the virus can then cause someone who breathes it to catch Covid-19, “he said at a webinar event. SMEs Cilegon City, Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

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He said, basically, the sarcov-2 virus cannot run alone, it must ride on the media in the form of lenders or body fluids. In the absence of media, the virus is believed to die. When in the outside air, the body fluids coughed up or cleaned will quickly dry out.

“The most effective way to prevent spread by air or the airbone is to limit the number of people in the room and to regulate air circulation properly,” he said.

Based on a report from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which states that covid-19 can be transmitted through viruses that survive in the air, it is necessary to pay close attention.

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He said, discussions about Covid-19 transmission through Airbone still had pros and cons. The report states, the nature of this virus airbone occurs in a closed room. The CDC also said there was some evidence of transmission occurring at distances greater than 6 feet (1.8 meters).


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