Costa Rica broke the chest of Japan who forgot the game; Jayaravam through Fuller (1–0) – Japan vs Costa Rica | FIFA World Cup 2022

Doha ∙ Shock treatment for Japan who arrived to face Costa Rica with the certainty of having beaten Germany 2-1. An 81st-minute goal by Costa Rica through Kiescher Fuller sealed Japan’s fate; Score: 1–0. Costa Rica, who lost to the Spanish Army by 7 uncontested goals in their last match, were not seen on the pitch. The first half saw Japan falter in front of Costa Rica, who came out with a precise game plan.


Boring match in the first half for both teams. Japan woke up in the second half. The Costa Rican continued to shoot at the goal post, but Costa Rica blocked the Japanese attack. While Japan adopted a 4–2–3–1 formation, Costa Rica played in a 3–4–2–1 formation. Japan was overprotected by Germany.



After a quick, sharp and precise offensive style, Japan today started with an emphasis on defense. Costa Rica took charge after Japan hoped that Japanese superstar Takumi Minami would make up for the pain of not scoring a goal against Germany. Costa Rica kept their pre-quarter hopes alive with victory.



Japan is 24th in the FIFA rankings. Preliminary admissions of 2002, 2010 and 2018 are the best. Japan finished second having won seven of their ten World Cup qualifiers. He scored 12 goals and conceded only four. Costa Rica is in 31st place in the FIFA rankings. The best performance was in 2014 when they reached the quarterfinals.


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English summary: Japan vs Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2022

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