Coronavirus risk map for Istanbul in 43 areas; taxi, rally, barber, cafe, stadium, funeral…

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While the rate of transmission in Turkey in general increased again in the Covid-19 epidemic, an interactive risk map was prepared for Istanbul based on August 2020 data, scoring the current areas and places.

Scientific study on risk perception related to Covid-19 transmission in Istanbul in August 2020; Dr. Umit Kartoglu, Deniz Nala Kartoglu, Dr. Levent Eker, Dr. Hamza Ozdemir ve Dr. Nilufer Ayse Ozaydin made with the team.

The study compares the use of personal protective measures and risk perception for 43 activities in daily life among healthcare professionals (738) and non-healthcare professionals (876). The study includes the Istanbul risk map, which was created with the weighted averages of the risk scores given by 738 healthcare professionals.

In similar studies, risk rankings are usually made in the form of bars, balloons or icon graphics, while the cartoonist of this study Kemal Gokhan GursesIt was stated that it was presented as an extraordinary infographic with the lines of .

Study Turkey’s medical journal MEDICAL ACT‘gives published.

Visualized in a different dimension with the lines of Kemal Gökhan Gürses. You can click here to watch the infographic..


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