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Study: Covid deaths in India are 10 times the official figure
  • Cucinelli: “Out of the company for 6 months, those who do not get vaccinated but pay them anyway”

    “This is a human war and it won’t be over until the scientists say. Immunization is a moral obligation ”. Brunello Cucinelli in an interview with the press talks about his initiative to leave home for six months, guaranteeing the salary in a sort of expectation, who among the workers of his company has chosen not to get vaccinated. “As I said to General Figliuolo – says the fashion entrepreneur – the problem at this point is not vaccines, but those who refuse them”. “A month ago – reports ‘the lord of cashmere’ – authorized by the ASL, we vaccinated everyone in three days. Now there is a real problem, the 1% not immunized. The employees themselves tell us that they don’t want to work in contact with those who refuse the vaccine, they don’t feel safe. We work together and, in the last year and a half, we have known who could not wait to get vaccinated. As long as I can I will try to convince those who are against the vaccine from a human point of view, then, if those who make the rules do not take action, I will move. I have a moral duty to be the custodian of this company and 99% of the people who work. We hold quarterly assemblies, last week there was the first: everyone outside, without a mask. He understands that those who do not get vaccinated represent a problem. I have decided that, as long as the mask obligation does not fall within the workplace, we can also come without a pass. From when we can remove it, however, the green card will be mandatory. I am very sure: our rulers will give us a clear indication ”.

  • Vaia (Spallanzani): “Vaccinate young people to send them on vacation”

    You can get out of the Covid nightmare, but only by “vaccinating, vaccinating and vaccinating”. This is repeated three times by Francesco Vaia, health director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, who in an interview with ‘Messaggero’ and ‘Mattino’ insists in particular on the need to protect children. “To young people I say: before leaving for your deserved holidays you must get vaccinated”, urges the doctor who invites them to “trust science and understand that the vaccine and the Green pass are not acts against people, but instruments of protection”. The contagion curve, Vaia analyzes, “is bound to grow inevitably if we do not vaccinate ever larger sections of the population and in particular if we do not vaccinate young people. The new infections in 90% of cases concern children, not vaccinated or vaccinated with a single dose. This percentage must make us think and make public health insist on vaccinating even more. The vaccine is not a miraculous potion, but an effective tool to which we must add individual actions that must not be irresponsible ”.

  • Burma, for the military junta, Covid is a weapon against the population

    The military junta in Burma uses the coronavirus pandemic as a weapon against the population of the country: this is what emerges from the testimonies of doctors and volunteers collected by CNN, while the toll of people killed by the military since the start of the anti-coup protests touched yesterday 930. According to these testimonies, the military by limiting the sales of oxygen to the public and refusing to treat Covid patients in army hospitals. Many citizens, therefore, prefer to take care of themselves at home – according to doctors – and if they decide to go to public hospitals they are often rejected due to lack of oxygen, medicines and beds.

    Furthermore, there are not enough staff to treat patients. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health controlled by the junta reported 6,093 new cases of contagion, a figure that brings the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 246,663. In addition, in the last 24 hours, there were 247 deaths, for a total death toll of 5,814. Meanwhile, the Association for the Assistance to Political Prisoners (Aapp), a non-profit organization for the defense of human rights based in Thailand, reports that the confirmed deaths since the beginning of the protests are 929.


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