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The European Commission clarifies that it does not study mandatory vaccination after asking Von der Leyen to open the debate

The European Commission has clarified this Monday that does not work on any proposal aimed at coordinating measures for one compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus in the European Union because it is a matter of the exclusive prerogative of the member states, days after the head of the Community Executive, Ursula von der Leyen, asked to open the debate to Twenty-seven. “From an institutional point of view, this issue is something that is clearly within the competences of the Member States. That is why we are not going to come up with any kind of proposal in this regard, “said Von der Leyen’s spokesman, Eric Mamer, at a press conference in Brussels.

The president of the Commission, a doctor by training, expressed her “personal opinion” when advocating to open the debate in the European Union on the advisability or not of a compulsory vaccination, aware that health issues are the exclusive competence of the partner countries, explained its spokesperson. The health ministers of the European Union will meet this Tuesday in Brussels to continue analyzing, among other issues, pandemic management and vaccination campaigns, Although the debate on compulsory vaccination already promoted by some countries is not on the formal agenda of the meeting.

When asked about last Wednesday, Von der Leyen told the press that she had no “no recommendation” what to do to national governments but added that in his opinion it was “understandable and appropriate” to reflect on how to improve vaccination rates and even “potentially think” of mandatory vaccination. “It is necessary to discuss it and have a focus common“then reasoned the head of the Community Executive, recalling that a third of the European population, that is, 150 million EU citizens, is still unvaccinated and that a great majority of them “could” be immunized.


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