Coronavirus in Poland. All of Poland in the yellow zone. What does this mean for us?

  • From Saturday, in the yellow and red zones, wearing masks is obligatory not only in closed spaces, but also in the open air. Only persons who have a medical certificate or a document confirming their disability are exempt from this obligation
  • The changes also apply to the organization of special events. People organizing baptisms, weddings or other special events should remember that there is a limit of people who can participate in this type of event
  • There should be a safe distance in eateries throughout the country – there should be at least 4 sq m per person.
  • More information can be found on the home page

From October 10, new security rules related to the coronavirus epidemic will apply. After the changes, some of the poviats with the highest number of cases will go to the red zone. The yellow zone is extended to cover the whole country.

Coronavirus. Restrictions in the yellow zone

In the yellow zone, the following applies:

  • a limit of one person per 4 square meters for events such as: fairs, exhibitions, congresses or conferences,
  • limit of people in gyms – one per 7 sq m,
  • the limit of people in cinemas may be 25%. audience,
  • the number of people participating in family events may not exceed 100 people, excluding service

The obligation to cover the nose and mouth will apply in public spaces – in a shop, on a bus, but also on the street all over the country. Only persons who have a medical certificate or a document confirming their disability are exempt from this obligation. Masks are not valid in forests, parks, green areas and during sports.

There should be a safe distance in eateries throughout the country – there should be at least 4 sq m per person.

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Also, throughout the country, no places for dancing are available in restaurants and other closed rooms.

Coronavirus. Less guests at special events

Among the new safety rules related to the coronavirus epidemic, changes regarding the organization of special events should also be noted. People organizing, among others christenings, weddings or birthdays should remember that there is a limit of people who can take part in such events.

  • in the red zone – 50 people,
  • in other poviats – 75 people

The restriction will come into force with a one-week adjustment period, i.e. October 17.

Coronavirus in Poland. Restrictions on cultural events

There is a total ban on organizing and participating in cultural events in the red zone. In cinemas, however, may be 25 percent. the audience. How is it in the rest of the country, which is in the yellow zone?

In a confined space, this type of event can take place with the participation of 25%. audience – the same rule applies in cinemas. A maximum of 100 people can participate in cultural events that take place outdoors – however, the number of viewers, listeners, visitors or participants may not exceed 1 person per 5 sq m.

Coronavirus. Obligation to wear masks

Due to the current epidemic situation, the Ministry of Health announced the introduction of new restrictions in the zones. In the red zone, restaurants, pubs and bars will be open from 6 am to 10 pm, except for the delivery of food and take-out products.

Additionally, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in the open air will be extended and will apply not only in the red zone, but also in the yellow one. You will not need to cover your mouth and nose, e.g. in forests, parks and beaches.

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The Ministry of Health has announced that anyone who does not wear a mask will have to – at the request of the police or municipal guard – show a medical certificate or other document confirming, inter alia, pervasive developmental disorders, mental disorders and moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability.

Coronavirus. Red zone

Let us remind you that from Saturday, all of Poland is at least in the yellow zone. In the red zone, where the restrictions are more severe, there will be 32 poviats and six cities: Grudziądz, Sopot, Piotrków Trybunalski, Suwałki, Kielce and Koszalin.

  • Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship: Aleksandrów County and Grudziądz;
  • Lublin province: Janowski, Łęczna and Włodawa poviats;
  • Lodz Voivodeship: Bełchatów, Wieluński and Piotrków Trybunalski poviats;
  • Lesser Poland Voivodeship: Limanowa, Myślenice, Nowy Targ, Suski and Tatra poviats;
  • masovian district: Otwock and Szydłowiec poviat;
  • Opolskie Voivodeship: Oleśki district;
  • Podkarpackie voivodeship: Dębicki and Mielec poviats;
  • Podlaskie Voivodeship: Białystok, Zambrów and Suwałki poviats;
  • Pomeranian Voivodeship: Kartuski, Kościerzyna, Puck, Słupsk and Sopot poviats;
  • Silesian Voivodeship: Kłobuck district;
  • Holy Cross province: Kielce poviat and Kielce;
  • Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship: Bartoszyce, Działdowo, Iława and Ostróda poviats;
  • Greater Poland Voivodeship: Krotoszyn, Międzychód, Rawicki and Wolsztyn counties;
  • West Pomeranian voivodeship: Koszalin.

What are the restrictions in the red zone?

In the red zone, it is prohibited to:

  • Organizing congresses and fairs,
  • Activities of sanatoriums, amusement parks and amusement parks,
  • There is a limit of people in gyms – one per 10 square meters. In cinemas it may be 25 percent. audience,
  • In churches or other places of worship, 50% is allowed. occupancy of the building, outside the limit will be 150 people,
  • The number of people attending family celebrations and weddings has been limited to 50, excluding service,
  • Everywhere in public spaces it will be necessary to cover the nose and mouth
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Coronavirus. Yellow zone and red zone. How are they determined?

The Ministry of Health periodically updates the list of counties with additional restrictions due to the increase in the number of infections in these regions.

The list is based on analyzes of the dynamics of infection increases in the last 14 days. If there were more than 12 new cases per 10,000 in this period, inhabitants, then the poviat goes to the red zone, and if it is between 6 and 12 per 10,000, then to the yellow zone.

Coronavirus. Another record

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday about a new 4,000. 739 COVID-19 cases and 52 deaths. This marks another infection record.

Due to the coronavirus, there are 4,000 in hospitals. 407 people confirmed to be infected. 320 is under respirators, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday. Last day 1 thousand recovered. 385 people.

The Ministry of Health also announced that over 21.5 thousand were performed in the last day. tests to detect coronavirus, against 44 thousand. the previous day. Statistics show that family doctors ordered 8,000 smears on the last day. 378 patients. In total, GPs sent 54,000 for tests. 769 people.

Source: PAP, Onet

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