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The boss of the Directorate of Police Aviation (Diravpol), general PNP Alfredo Vildoso Rojas, became the first high command arrested for his involvement in a fraudulent purchase of protective equipment intended for police officers under their responsibility.

As revealed by an investigation by La República, General Vildoso, despite the fact that this newspaper warned him of irregularities in the hiring process, ratified the acquisition of 20 thousand masks and toiletries for more than 2.3 million soles. Not only did the face masks not correspond to the required technical specifications and an overvalued price was approved, but the supplying company also maintained links with officials of the National Police. The contract had been “entered”.

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In an operation led by the anti-corruption prosecutor of the Callao, Francisco Alarcón Solís, were arrested in addition to General Vildoso, four of his subordinates who had direct participation in the award of the millionaire contract for the benefit of the company Ka’Linson Peru: the head of Logistics of the Diravpol, commander PNP Omar Puente Auccapoma; the Head of Procurement, Ensign PNP Pool Olórtegui Yauli, Lieutenant PNP Leonardo Oblitas Bozovich; and the Contracting attorney, Miguel Vasquez Neyra.

Everything was arranged

According to the research carried out by this newspaper, the hiring of Ka’linson Peru was done without mediating the mandatory market study to obtain the products at the best price and quality. The Republic interviewed General Alfredo Vildoso and informed him that, for example, in the case of masks, the supplier had not delivered those that were certified by NIOSH 95 (National Institute for Occupational Safety, for its acronym in English). provided in the bases of the acquisition. But Vildoso defended the hiring tooth and nail.

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“We have bought masks that protect 100 percent of the lives of our police officers and as proof of this is that in Diravpol there have not been any deaths from the deadly virus,” said General Alfredo Vildoso.

Even a report from the Forensic Physics Area of ​​the Experts Office of the Public ministry determined that the masks purchased by General Vildoso were of the brand Life2095-1 and that they were labeled Classifi ed N95. It was not NIOSH 95 certified, so the experts pointed out that the product did not serve to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, General Vildoso ordered the purchase of a second lot from Ka’Linson Peru.

One of the reasons for General Vildoso’s insistence to continue hiring Ka’Linson Peru and not to investigate the case would be that PNP Lieutenant Leonardo Oblitas Bozovich, who is under his command, maintains a family relationship with the supplier company.

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Lieutenant Leonardo Oblitas, a pilot by profession, is the brother of Patrick Oblitas Bozovich, sales manager of the company Ka’linson Peru, who entered into an award contract with the director of the Air Police, General PNP Alfredo Vildoso Rojas.

Prosecutor Francisco Alarcón found evidence that both General Alfredo Vildoso and the logistics area officials had conversations with Patrick Oblitas before, during and after the state of health emergency was declared. He was so sure that his company would be hired, that in advance he placed the masks in the warehouses of the Diravpol.

The authority also obtained information that shows that Patrick Oblitas participated in the elaboration of the technical specifications of the contract together with the officers in charge, so that Ka’linson obtained the good pro for the 2.3 million soles, which in fact happened.

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Family clan behind the contract

In order not to arouse suspicion, the Ka’Linson company bought the masks from the Bozovich Asociados Safety company, owned by Dora Bozovich Navarro and her son, Lieutenant PNP Leonardo Oblitas Bozovich. Patrick Oblitas Bozovich acted as Ka’Linson’s manager.

In turn, Bozovich Asociados Safety acquired the masks from Plan Enterprise,

The brothers Ángel and José Yataco Rosales, representatives of the Plan Enterprise company, confirmed to the prosecutor Alarcón that Patrick Oblitas Bozovich was the one who bought the Life N95 disposable masks. O Bozovich Asociados Safety’s business is the construction of bridges and tunnels. He also sold toiletries to the Dirandro.

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