Coronavirus: epidemic game becomes a hit because of editing by the Chinese government

Thanks to the corona virus, an epidemic game is becoming a hit. This is mainly due to the reaction of the Chinese government, which is noticeably panicked.

  • Plague play is in China forbidden.
  • Plague Inc. disappeared from the market as the leading mobile game.
  • Corona virus vastly increased the number of players.

Beijing – With the strategy game “Plague Inc.“can be your own Viruses create and distribute all over the world. By the Corona virus and the impending danger of one pandemic the game is experiencing another top record of players. In China the game is now withdrawn from the market. Developer is stunned.

Replay corona virus: This is possible with the strategy game Plague Inc.

The game Plague Inc. is currently causing a change at the top of the Smartphone Apps.

Plague Inc. is a simulation game in which the player can create his own pathogen. For example, he can create a virus, a bacteria or a prion. The disease is spread by the player determining the first infected person in the world. Over time, the pathogen spreads and the player can collect various points to spread the disease. For example, he can increase the infection rate or the severity of the disease. Adding additional symptoms can also result in death. The player plays with the goal of completely destroying humanity. His opponent is the time it takes to find a cure. If a cure is available before the execution of mankind, people win. If all people have died before the vaccine is developed, the epidemic wins and with it the player.

With Plague Inc., pathogens can be spread all over the world

© Ndemic Creations

This has been possible since 2012 Pandemic strategy game of Ndemic Creations on all common Smartphones play. Meanwhile, the game is also for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch available.
With the outbreak of the Corona virus The number of players has also increased dramatically in recent months. So is Plague Inc. the best-selling game in the app store during the SARS-CoV-2 in breakout China. However, this is now causing a sensation in the Middle Kingdom and the epidemic was quickly adopted by the government forbidden.

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Coronavirus: Chinese government bans Plague Inc. epidemic

In China became the popular game Plague Inc. now banned from the popular app stores. Due to “illegal content”, the game can no longer be downloaded there and was forbidden. The Cyberspace Administration, based in, Germany, provided more information about what is meant by illegal content or why the game is no longer available Beijing Not. The developers of Plague Inc.have now published a comment on Steam which says:

“We have some very sad news with our in China resident players to share. Last night we were told that Plague Inc. “Contains content that is in China are illegal, as defined by the Cyberspace Administration of China set ”and was removed from the Steam (and the China App Store). This situation is completely beyond our control. “

According to the Chinese government, Plague Inc. is said to contain illegal content

© Ndemic Creations

Plague Inc. further writes that they are very sorry that players can no longer access the game. In particular, the aim of the game was to draw attention to the consequences of global crises and inconsistent measures taken to comply with hygiene requirements.

Plague Inc. is in China a great critical and commercial success. With eight years and over 130 million players, it is the world‘s leading strategy / simulation game (mobile) and for many years the most popular (mobile) paid game in China. Plague Inc. features an intelligent and sophisticated simulation that encourages players to think about and learn more about serious public health problems. We have great respect for our Chinese players and are devastated that they are no longer on Plague Inc. access and play the game. “

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Coronavirus: Plague Inc. developer announces the ban

The British developer studio NDemoc Creations also registered on the official website for the game Corona virus– Situation: “The Corona virus-Break in China is deeply worrying and we have received many questions from players and the media. Plague Inc. has been on the market for eight years and when there is an outbreak, players increase as people learn more about the spread of diseases and want to understand the complexity of virus outbreaks. “

Previously had NDemic Creations on her social media channels always reports about new remedies or vaccinations of other diseases in reality.

According to the company, “illegal content” should not be included in the game. It is possible that the game should not help to continue to spread panic in the already heavily infected country. Meanwhile, 80,411 people are in the Middle Kingdom Corona virus already sick, 2,902 people in China have died of the virus. The WHO (World Health Organization) ranks this Corona virus continue as pandemic on.

Due to the various difficulty options Plague Inc. it is very easy to win the game. It is quite possible that this could cause panic China with a Ban want to prevent. In particular, that the virus may miss an individual name in the beginning, players could be encouraged to equate the course of the virus in the game with the actual course in real life.

However, there is still a wait for an official government statement. This is not the first time that a game has disappeared from the market. Some time ago, Epic Games removed another well-known epidemic game. Even a YouTuber messed it up with a nasty corona disorder.

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Now the Cologne-based Gamescom could also be affected by the corona virus, fans fear the worst. Other trade fairs are also affected by the virus. But now gamers can show off their skills and work with researchers around the world to find a cure for the coronavirus.

Rubric list image: © Ndemic Creations

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