Coronavirus case numbers: Map of the districts in Germany “ Aktuell” SWR

The corona virus is spreading in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Here you will find all the figures and data on the current situation.

The number of infections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate has increased significantly.

Map: Infection rate in the districts of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate

The Rate of new infections in the past seven days (also 7-day incidence) is decisive for graduated measures that the federal states and districts determine, adapted to the infection rate. If there is a 7-day incidence of more than 35 new infections / 100,000 inhabitants in the city or district, more stringent measures must be taken in Baden-Württemberg. In Rhineland-Palatinate, this value must be exceeded for several consecutive days. The incidence values ​​shown here correspond to the data status of the Robert Koch Institute from midnight of the day, with case numbers up to the day before. Due to the delay in reporting, regional warning messages from the federal states or the districts may differ from this on the day.

The district search shows the Infection numbers for the past seven days and a curve of the reported new infections in the past 14 days. The Assessment of the situation on the infection process takes place according to the currently announced by the RKI 7 day incidence, i.e. the rate of new infections within the last seven days in relation to the population:
> = 50 cases / 100,000 inhabitants: very high | > = 35: high | > = 20: increased | > = 5: slightly increased | > 0: low

The number of cases is currently increasing in all federal states.

The Reproduction number is calculated by the Robert Koch Institute for the whole of Germany using a mathematical procedure. It says how many more people are statistically infected by an infected person. If the value rises above 1, this is an indication that the virus is spreading more widely in the population. There is exponential growth.

The Robert Koch Institute publishes data on the development of PCR tests in Germany once a week. The Positivrate shows how many ear, nose and throat swab samples tested positive for the coronavirus in the laboratory. The development is an indicator of the spread. If the positive rate increases, the virus is more detectable and therefore probably more active.

The curve shows how often difficult sick COVID19 patients treated in intensive care Need to become. An increase in the course curve is therefore a warning signal for the pandemic.

Further information can be found in our current data journalistic articles from SWRdata:

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Corona case numbers: This is how we recognize the second wave (Photo: Imago, Future Image)

This SWR data analysis helps you to assess the situation of the coronavirus epidemic.

The social ministries of the federal states and the state health authorities publish information and data on the epidemic in the respective federal state.

Many districts have set up their own information portals on the corona virus. You will find a list of links below, which will usually provide you with the latest information on the infection process:

The latest coverage can be found under “More on the topic” directly under the article.


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