Corona: Spahn reprimands corona tests for everyone in Bavaria as “not effective”

Sweden’s state epidemiologist accuses WHO of misinterpreting data

He is the face of the Swedish Corona special route – and does not agree with the assessment of the situation in his country by the World Health Organization (WHO): State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has reacted with misunderstanding to the classification of Sweden as a special risk country by the WHO. “Unfortunately, this is a total misinterpretation of the data,” said Tegnell on Friday morning in the morning studio of the Swedish TV station SVT.

Sweden has increasing numbers of cases, but based on the fact that the country is carrying out significantly more tests than before, said Tegnell. “It is unfortunate to mix Sweden with countries that have not had any problems before and are apparently only at the beginning of their epidemic.” The WHO should probably have simply contacted the authorities in Stockholm to have given them a more detailed picture of the Swedish situation said Tegnell.

The head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, Hans Kluge, spoke on Thursday of rising corona numbers in Europe. 30 countries in the European region have reported increasing case numbers over the past two weeks, the WHO Regional Director said at his weekly online press conference in Copenhagen. In eleven countries, an accelerated transmission rate has led to a very significant resurgence of the corona virus – including, in addition to Sweden, countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania and Ukraine. In these countries, the health care system is at risk of severe damage if the spread is not dealt with decisively, said Kluge.

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In Sweden, the corona crisis started early, as in Germany, for example. The Scandinavian EU country has responded to this with much more relaxed measures than most other countries. To date, the number of Swedish infections and deaths is many times higher than in the rest of Scandinavia.

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