Corona measures – Federal government is refraining from further easing for the time being – News

  • For the time being, the federal government is not adjusting the corona measures, as Federal Councilor Alain Berset announced.
  • In Switzerland, unvaccinated health professionals will in future have to be tested for the corona virus at work.
  • The federal government proposes this to the cantons in addition to mandatory certification for visits to hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

The situation is good, but there is a “negative dynamic” and uncertainties, for example with regard to holiday returnees, wrote Berset on Twitter after a phone call with several cantonal health directors. That is why the Federal Council is not consulting on any easing step on August 11th.

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) made several suggestions for measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in a letter to the cantons and social partners. According to the letter on the FOPH website, the federal government wants the cantons to take measures in the coming weeks to protect children, young people and particularly vulnerable people in particular.

The federal government recommended that the cantons “urgently” make repetitive tests compulsory for unvaccinated and unrecovered health professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities and Spitex organizations. Asymptomatic people would contribute significantly to the transmission of the virus, wrote the FOPH. Tests are therefore necessary as a supplement to vaccination and protection concepts.

Covid certificate for home and hospital visitors

The federal government also suggested that visits to hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities should in future only be possible with a Covid certificate or with a rapid antigen test on site. The authorities want to reduce the introduction of the virus into health facilities.

The federal government continued to advocate voluntary vaccination as the most effective means of combating the pandemic. The cantons should press ahead with the vaccination campaigns and make access to the active ingredients “as easy as possible”, it said.

As a further measure, the FOPH demanded more intensive controls from the cantons to ensure compliance with the certificate requirement and, with a view to starting school after the summer holidays, an extension of the repetitive tests in schools.

«Good» overall situation

Despite the recent increase in the number of cases, the federal government wants to refrain from tightening the general measures. At the same time, however, no easing is indicated for the time being, it said. The federal experts had already revealed this last week.

The overall situation continues to be good, wrote the BAG. With the exception of the number of reproductions, the current values ​​are “very far” from the tightening criteria set by the Federal Council. In addition, the increase in the number of cases has slowed down again in recent days.

However, the development of the pandemic must continue to be monitored due to the more contagious delta virus variant, the turnaround that has taken place with increasing numbers of cases and hospitalizations, and the uncertainty due to those returning from vacation, the BAG further explained. The Federal Council wants to reassess the situation at its first meeting after the summer vacation on August 11th.


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