Corona certificate is now mandatory to be able to travel…

The corona certificate was a good initiative. But now that it goes into effect, the various countries have faced a series of practical problems. Read: the system is far from perfect. And so for the time being, airlines will only check whether the QR code is valid.

Due to corona, ‘only’ 20,000 departing passengers are expected on Brussels Airlines on Thursday. That’s not much for the start of the summer holidays. But it will ensure that there will be no extra waiting times at the counters of the airlines where they have to check the corona certificate.

However, Europe’s plan looked promising. From 1 July, the airlines simply had to scan the QR code of the certificate. Green was okay, red would mean there was a problem. For example, that the code was fake.

“But now that the time has come, everyone notices that we are not ready. The system is not ready. Because what we’re going to do is check the QR code. If this is in order, the desk employee will ask whether the passenger is aware of the applicable rules in the country of destination. If that is the case, is it okay for us and he/she can leave”, says Piet Demeyere of TUI.

The problem is that, for example, one country requires a two-week waiting period after vaccines, others three weeks. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check and comply with this.

“Because the big problem is that, based on that certificate, we cannot see whether it is a negative PCR test, whether the passenger is fully vaccinated and has also completed the waiting period, whether he/she has recently recovered from corona and is anti-coronavirus. has substances. The only thing we see is whether the QR code is valid or not. And so we will continue to check visually. And hope that we will find a solution with the government as soon as possible. Because that visual check is of course time-consuming,” says Maaike Andries of Brussels Airlines.

Nobody knows how quickly the system can be perfected. But Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) has already announced that consultations will be held on Friday with Brussels Airport, with the crisis cell of the Interior and with the federal police.

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