Corona aid program: Baden-Württemberg extends stabilization aid for restaurateurs

The state has extended the application deadline for Corona stabilization aid for the hotel and hospitality industry to December 15, 2020. Companies that generate at least 30 percent of their turnover with an activity in the hotel or restaurant sector can receive support for a funding period of up to three months between May 1 and December 31, 2020. The grant is a one-off payment that is based on the size of the company and the company’s liquidity shortage.

The repayment grant was also extended

Companies and self-employed people from the economic sectors of showmen and market merchants, the event industry and the taxi industry can now also apply for the Corona repayment subsidy until December 15. With the repayment subsidy, 40 percent of the annual repayment rate for loans that were concluded before March 11, 2020 is subsidized.

Upload applications online

For both aid programs, the applications must be uploaded online. These are then checked for completeness and correctness by the IHK Ostwuerttemberg and forwarded to the L-Bank for payment.

The so-called November aid with a volume of more than 10 billion euros is expected to start on November 25th. It offers central support for companies, businesses, the self-employed, associations and institutions that are affected by the temporary closings. Companies that had to cease business operations due to the decision of the federal and state governments of October 28th are eligible to apply. Accommodation companies and event venues are also viewed as directly affected companies.

Help also for indirectly affected companies

Companies indirectly affected are also eligible to apply. These include companies that have proven to regularly generate 80 percent of their sales with companies directly affected by the closure measures, for example a laundry that works primarily for hotels that are directly affected by the closure order.

Self-employed people receive an advance payment of up to 5000 euros; other companies receive up to 10,000 euros. The application and payment are made electronically via the platform

Submit applications from November 25th

The application is expected to start on November 25th. The first payments of the advance payments should be made from the end of November. The application is simple and unbureaucratic. In order to prevent misuse, measures are taken to ensure the identity of the applicant. The procedure for the regular payment of November aid is being prepared and finalized in parallel so that it can be started immediately after the advance payments have been made.

Details on bridging aid III, which will be available from January to June 2021, are currently being clarified. This also includes the so-called “restart assistance for the solo self-employed”. Information on the Corona aid programs is available at or at Tel. 07321 / 324-0.

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