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PUT ON FIRE THINGS: The neighbor tells about how she experienced the man who is now charged with murder and grievous bodily harm.

BERGEN (VG) A neighbor says that the man who was arrested after the knife attack on Nav in Bergen, has appeared unstable for a long time. Recently he allegedly set fire to things outside the apartment.


Paul Sigve Amundsen (photo)


– A month ago, I contacted the police because he was standing outside here and burning things – including setting fire to some packaging, says a neighbor of the accused man in his 30s, who wishes to remain anonymous.

At a press conference on Monday night, the police say that they are currently not aware of such an incident.

However, the neighbor filmed a man standing and lighting something on the ground, and that the police arrive at the scene in a civilian car with blue lights. The man continued to set things on fire after police left the scene, according to the neighbor. VG has seen video of parts of the incident.

The neighbor tells VG that she has experienced the accused man as unstable for a long time.

– I think he’s scary. The last time I went to the basement, he was driving and smashing things down there. He can also stomp, scream and make noise in the upstairs, says the neighbor.

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Studied in Bergen

Accused after the knife attack on Nav in Bergen is a Norwegian citizen, born in Libya. He came to Norway as a quota refugee with his family, during the civil war in Libya in 2011. A few years ago he was a student in Bergen.

On Monday morning, the man in his 30s allegedly stabbed two women at Nav Årstad on Danmarks plass in the center of Bergen.

A woman in her 50s died of her injuries at Haukeland Hospital. The other woman in her 30s suffered minor injuries.

The man is now charged with murder and grievous bodily harm.

– It has gone well with interrogation, he has answered questions, says the man’s defender, Morten Grimstad to VG.

Grimstad does not want to say anything about how the man views the charges against him, but adds:

– He is of course affected.

The man has previously been unpunished, and is not considered to be an acquaintance of the police – with only a fine from 2018 on the record, which the police do not consider relevant.

Stabbed several times in the upper body

According to VG’s information, the man must have walked around and waved a large knife inside the NAV office, after he allegedly stabbed two employees.

VG is informed that the killed woman was stabbed several times in the upper body. Witnesses told police shortly after the incident that one woman was stabbed in the back, and that the other was stabbed several times in the upper body. The woman who survived the attack is said to have come from the incident with what the police describe as minor injuries.

Nav’s director, Jostein Hestnes, states that the stabbing took place in connection with an agreed user meeting.

The other employees at the Nav office were gathered at a hotel in Bergen on Monday. A crisis team has also been set up after the very dramatic event. The police received six phone calls about the knife drama, and moved out to a so-called PLIVO incident, which is responsible for ongoing life-threatening violence.

After the knife attack, the police conducted a search at the man’s address.

After the arrest, the man was taken to the emergency room, before he was taken to the police station in Bergen for forensic investigations.

The man is still being questioned at the police station in Bergen around 9.30 pm on Monday night. The interrogation started in the afternoon, just after 3 p.m.

– He is of course affected, says the man’s defender Morten Grimstad.

Grimstad says that his client explains himself, but does not want to comment on what he explains. Nor can he comment on how the man accused of murder reacts to the charge.


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