Concerned about China’s invasion, Taiwan deploys first squadron of F-16V fighter jets


CHIAYI Taiwan on Thursday (11/18/2021) held a ceremony to commission the first squadron of its most advanced fighter jet, the F-16V. It is a fighter aircraft made by the United States (US) that will strengthen the island’s defenses from the threat of invasion China .

President Tsai Ing-wen monitored the ceremony at an air base in the southern city of Chiayi with Sandra Oudkirk, Washington’s de facto ambassador to Taiwan.

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“This represents the steadfast promise of the Taiwan-US partnership,” Tsai said.

“I believe that in upholding democratic values, there will definitely be more countries with similar values ​​that will stand with us in the future,” he was quoted as saying. AFP.

The F-16V is an upgraded and much more sophisticated version of Taiwan’s other older F-16 fighters dating back to the 1990s. The island also has French-made Mirage fighter jets and homemade fighter planes.

As a fourth-generation multi-role fighter, the F-16V offers a more sophisticated radar system as well as more advanced weaponry, navigation and electronic warfare systems.

Yet it is less advanced than fifth-generation fighters such as China’s J-20, Russia’s Su-57 as well as US-made F-22 and F-35 fighters.

Taiwan is upgrading 141 units of the old F-16 to make it the V version and has also ordered 66 units of the new F-16V.



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