Commentary: Buček’s strange decisions

yesterday 08:45

We can appeal to the moral credit of hockey players going to the KHL. However, it turns out that they don’t mind playing in a country that has not only invaded another country and is bloodthirsty killing civilians there, but has put their homeland on the enemy list. The Slovaks, with six hockey players, have the largest representation in the Russian competition among the countries of the European Union.

So far, Samuel Buček has become the last. First of all, it should be noted that what the native of Nitra performed last season is difficult for anyone to repeat. His fantastic 54 goals were up to the level of the legendary Žigmund Pálffy. It seemed that the skillful shooter was waiting for a transfer, which he had wanted since he was a child. When he announced the signing with the Seattle Kraken farm, fans nodded their heads in appreciation. The undrafted Buček explained that you can also aspire to the NHL from the Slovak extra league.

It is said that Ron Francis himself, the general manager of the Kraken and the fifth most productive player in pro league history, called him when he signed. Seattle’s new farm, the Coachella Valley Firebirds, announced him as their first signing. The winger was supposed to spend the entire summer in the USA, also go to the main camp and play in the AHL. Already the news that he appeared at the beginning of August in the preparation of Nitra raised questions. They were finally confirmed. Buček returned from America, terminated the contract with Kraken and is heading to Nizhnekamsk.

It’s a strange move. He will earn more in Russia, but with this decision he probably threw away the chance to play in the NHL. We don’t know why he did it. He refused the request for an interview at the Nitra training. We can only judge based on information from his surroundings. The problem was said to be money and an uncertain position. In America, however, no one from the extra league will give it to you for free. A good season in the AHL could have opened much bigger horizons for Buček than the below-average Nizhnekamsk somewhere in Tatarstan.

It is said that he already had offers from the KHL before Seattle. Therefore, the question arises, why did he go to the American signature in the first place? With Buček, it seems that he does not have the best advisors. It is enough to remember how he wrapped it up after five games in Finnish Kookoo years ago, or how he canceled the transfer to Zlín at the last minute, when the club dismissed Antonín Stavjaňa from the post of head coach. Now he added another strange decision to it. He gave up the fight for the NHL even before he skated for even one farm game.

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