Columbus sign contract with Koiva, Girgenson exchange partner for lower salary for “Coyotes” – Hockey –

The Blue Jackets have signed a one-year contract with 37-year-old Finnish striker Miko Koivu, a longtime Minnesota captain. The Koivu contract will be $ 1.5 million. Koivu has so far spent his entire NHL career, starting in 2005, with the Minnesota team, playing 1,028 NHL games with 709 points. Last season, Koivu helped the team with 21 points in 55 games, but his four goals were Finland’s worst NHL career.

“Koivu has been a stable and productive striker in this league for several years,” General Manager Jarmo Kekeleinen was quoted as saying in the club’s statement. “He is a great leader, he has an impeccable character and I consider him a very valuable addition to our new team. I’m glad he chose to pursue a career in Columbus. “

Meanwhile, German goalkeeper Thomas Grais has signed a two-year contract with Detroit’s Red Wings. The 34-year-old goalkeeper previously represented the Islanders and has also played for the Penguins, Sharks and Coyotes. Graiss NHL has played 282 games.

Edmonton’s Oilers have signed a one-year deal with defender Taison Beria for $ 3.75 million. Bury scored 39 points in Toronto’s Maple Leafs last season, but the team failed in the summer, withdrawing quickly. Berry entered the Toronto swap last summer, but has now moved to Edmonton as a free agent. He has played 554 games in the NHL and scored 346 points.

It is also worth noting the relocation of Buffalo Sabers striker Johan Lashon to Arizona’s Coyotes. The Swedish striker Buffalo spent seven seasons and was often included in one shift with the Latvian striker Zemg Girgenson, especially in the previous season. Girgenson finished the previous season with 18 points and stayed at Buffalo, receiving a new contract for three seasons for a total of $ 6.6 million, while Lashon agreed on a much smaller contract with Coyotes for 14 seasons and 2.8 million after last season’s 14 points. dollars.

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