Collaborating political parties reach agreement

The collaborating political parties VHP, ABOP, NPS and PL, which will form the new coalition government 2020-2025 in Suriname, have reached an agreement about the disagreement about the new Ministry of Gas and Oil. The parties will come up with a statement later.

Yesterday it was announced that the cooperation would be in a danger zone. The ABOP would have put new requirements on the table when an appointment was already in place.

UPDATE – hun statement:

Today the presidents of the VHP, ABOP, NPS and PL met each other in the National Assembly, according to schedule. The aim was to discuss the preparations for the first session of the National Assembly on Monday, June 29, with the outgoing president of the DNA. The four leaders look forward to the proper organization of the swearing in and admission of elected members of the assembly, as well as the first meeting of the highest parliament where the chairman and vice chairman will be elected.

Another important point that has been discussed in a good, friendly and frank atmosphere is the further formation of the coalition. All leaders recognize the importance of a constructive attitude, based on the given mandate of the population. Based on this, coalition leaders have sought and found sustainable solutions that should lead to action in unity and with joint strength.

These proposals will be discussed by leaders as soon as possible with their respective party structures. The decisions of the future coalition are expected to be announced to the public tomorrow afternoon.

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