However, even a local patriot can sometimes have a problem with the location of the places that one can see in his “recognition book”. These are not shots of houses or streets, but rather interesting details at various landmarks and curiosities. Now a test bike is running, and in Třebíč, for example, a cursory glance at one of the pictures would suggest that Jašek took it at the train station. Whether this is really the case requires some thought.

The new look of the monument on Bílá hora in Brno-Židenice.

The new look of the monument on White Mountain in Brno. See how it looks now

The game will start on June 4 in both Brno and Třebíč. “These are cities I know. In Třebíč, I photographed the places myself, in Brno, my friends, the Bendovs, helped me,” said Jašek, adding that he prepared the game just for the pleasure of all the people who like these cities. “I am a programmer and an integral part of my work is constant self-education and monitoring of current IT trends. That’s why I wanted to try some new web technologies and I remembered the game, which was played in Třebíč during covid. I decided to try to program a prototype of a similar game, saying that I want to cover more cities and I want a different way of scoring,” said the creator of this unusual pastime.

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The game for Brno and Třebíč can be found on the website Its demo version is currently running at this address. Starting on June 4th, more and more photos will be added for the next twenty days. There will be a map in which people will stick imaginary pins in the places where they think the picture was taken.

Exhibition Elišek Rejček - Gift of the Middle Ages at Špielberk Castle in Brno.

Rare documents about the foundation of the monastery in Old Brno: after centuries, again in Brno

The author of the game does not rule out that he will prepare City Hunter for other cities as well. “If you like the game, I’d like to do it again after the holidays. Alternatively, if there are enthusiasts from other cities, we will certainly organize the game there as well,” added Jašek.