Cinema: The love story between Cannes and Italian actress Jasmine Trinca

Italian actress Jasmine Trinca has several reasons to be at the Cannes Film Festival this year. She is a member of the jury, and in addition, she presents her first film, “Marcel!”. At the microphone of Euronews, she returns to her attachment to the Croisette.

Discovered at the age of 18 in “La Chambre du fils” by Nanni MorettiPalme d’or 2001, Jasmine Trinca then led a brilliant career in Italy and Europe.

Today, she is both in front of and behind the screen, since she is also presenting her first film, “Marcel!”, at Cannes.

Between the Croisette and Jasmine Trinca, it’s a love story that continues.

It’s an amazing story to me“, she told us. “As a child, I didn’t think I would ever be an actress, and so I found myself so connected to the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, a lot of credit goes to many of the directors I’ve worked with. But also a lot of luck, a lot of luck, I would say…

Jasmine Trinca and her first film “Marcel!”

“Marcel!” is the story of a girl and her mother who fell in love with a dog. The animal takes up a lot of space in his life and seems to love him more than anything. The girl is getting more and more jealous…

A personal film for the director.

It’s a film that starts from a very intimate story“, she told us. “It’s a bit of a part of my life, of my story. We tried with Marcel! to transform reality. It’s a film that is based on subjectivity, on memory, and like the memory of a little girl’s gaze who sees reality or who projects her reality“.

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“Marcel!” is a delicate and poetic film, served by the great Italian actress Alba Rochwacher.

The film was presented in Special screenings.

It will be released in Italy on June 1, then in France and the rest of Europe this summer.

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