Chronology of Benny Harman Stumbles on Allegations of Violence in Labuan Bajo

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Politician Democratic party Benny K Harman explain the chronology of events related to the alleged report violence restaurant employees. He is reportedly the restaurant manager of a restaurant manager in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.

Based on the story of Benny K. Harman, he and his family visited the restaurant on Tuesday (24/5) at around 12.30 local time. Upon arrival at the restaurant, they were directed to an air-conditioned VIP room downstairs.

About 30 minutes into the room, Benny and his family were asked by the restaurant staff to leave the room on the grounds that the room had been booked by other diners.

In fact, said Benny, they had ordered food and were not told that the room had been ordered by someone else beforehand.

“About 15 minutes later, without further ado we were told to leave the room immediately because the room was used or had been reserved. We were invited to leave,” he said in a written statement, Thursday (26/5).

Benny then responded to this treatment asking the real reason they were asked to leave by the restaurant.

“Are we not allowed to eat in an air-conditioned room? I do wear shorts and a T-shirt, I’m shabby because I just came from garden work,” said Benny.

This prompted Benny to ask to meet the manager or restaurant owner. He wanted to get an explanation and the real reason he and his family were asked to leave the restaurant.

“We tell the employee serving to tell the manager or owner that we want to meet to avoid misunderstandings,” he explained.

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Benny K Harman then met a woman who was suspected to be the owner of the restaurant. He recounted the unpleasant experience he had there.

“We convey that we have been treated in a barbaric way, aka uncivilized for ourselves. This is a super premium tourism destination. If we are treated like this, let alone small people,” said Benny explaining.

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