‘Chinese state hackers stole documents from Taiwanese chip manufacturers’ – Computer – News

The location mentioned includes TSMC and MediaTek. (…) This includes documents related to chip design, software development kits, and source codes.

Mediatek designs its chips, but I don’t think it produces them itself (according to wikipedia are they fabless). That does not fit with the title of this article, which talks about chipmanufacturers.

TSMC does produce them, but as far as I know it does not design chips itself. Yes, they will of course receive the chip designs from the clients / customers, but that is purely bare layout data – something that does not seem very exciting to me. For several tens of thousands of dollars, you can have a chip analyzed layer-by-layer by a specialized company and converted into a design database.

If I go to the original source article, I read:

Between 2018 and 2019, we discovered several attacks on various semiconductor vendors located at the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park in Taiwan.

‘vendors’, so sellers. TSMC doesn’t sell itself, so I don’t think TSMC is the victim here – Mediatek certainly could.

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