Health China Ensures Swine Flu Cases Not Leading Pandemic

China Ensures Swine Flu Cases Not Leading Pandemic

- – Swine flu virus containing genotype 4 (G4) was declared not to lead to a pandemic. This is based on the results of the latest research Center for the Prevention and Prevention of Communicable Diseases of China (CCDC), which was published on Friday, July 3, 2020.

Reporting from, the results of the study stated that the risk of a swine flu pandemic, caused by mutations from the H1N1 swine flu virus that had been endemic in 2009 then did not increase. According to CCDC, the virus can indeed infect humans, but it is not yet strong enough to transmit from human to human as did SARS-CoV-2, the flu virus that causes Covid-19.

The possibility of the general public being infected with swine flu as the case was discovered and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on June 29, 2020 is also called very low. “However, it still needs to be considered to maintain the cleanliness of individuals and the environment in everyday life and avoid direct contact with livestock, poultry and wild animals,” said CCDC.

The CCDC publication together with the Beijing government began to loosen security related to the potential for the emergence of the second wave of Covid-19. Residents who live in low-risk areas in Beijing no longer need negative nucleic acid test results if they want to leave the capital as of today, Saturday 4th July 2020.

The local government claims the second wave of Covid-19 has been successfully controlled along with the declining number of new cases. Beijing only found two new cases last Thursday, or only one digit left compared to the start of the second wave of outbreaks that began on June 11 with 36 cases. To date there are 331 positive cases.

On June 16, the Beijing Municipal Government raised the alert alert from Level III to Level II, after a new cluster emerged from the Xinfadi Market, because there were 100 new cases in just five days from June 11. A day later, residents living in high and medium risk areas, including those who had visited the Xinfadi Market, were prohibited from leaving Beijing.

At that time, residents who live in low-risk areas must also show negative results of nucleic acid tests that are valid for no more than seven days.


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