China Condemns Israel’s Occupation of Palestine in UN Security Council Meeting: CNN Indonesia

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Monday, May 29 2023 18:58 WIB

UN Security Council meeting. (AFP/ED JONES)

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

China ‘shit’ Israel regarding the country’s occupation of Palestine during the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting last week.

China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Geng Shuang, said since early 2023, Israel has continued to carry out its illegal occupation of the West Bank.

“Since the beginning of this year, Israel has continued the unilateral actions of agreeing to the return, construction of settlements and legalization of settlements,” Geng said on Wednesday (24/5), as quoted Middle East Monitor.

Geng emphasized that Israel’s activities violated international law and UN resolutions. Beijing, he continued, urged Israel to stop the Palestinian occupation of Israel.

“And stop encroaching on the land and resources of the Palestinian people,” Geng said.

On that occasion, Geng also mentioned the visit of Israeli Minister of Security Itamar Ben-Gvir to the Al Aqsa compound on May 21.

According to him, this action sparked new tensions. Furthermore, Geng said the status quo of holy sites in Jerusalem must be respected and maintained.

“Regarding the issue of religious holy sites, Israel must stop making provocations, guarantee the right of Muslim worship, uphold the peace and tranquility of holy sites, and respect the custodianship of Jordan,” he said again.

The Al Aqsa complex is a holy site for three religions namely Islam, Judaism and Christianity. However, this location is often a point of conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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Geng then explained the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militia that has been repeated in the last five years.

He considered this tension to be a sign of a long stalled and unsustainable peace process.

“That piecemeal crisis management will not last long, and a comprehensive and fair solution is irreplaceable,” Geng said again.

The diplomat then flaunted China’s role in this issue which may go beyond the United States as a mediator.

Countries with great influence over interested parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he continued, must make real efforts to advance the peace process in the Middle East.

“And there should be no justification for preventing the Security Council from reaching a minimum consensus on the Palestinian-Israeli issue,” Geng said.

Geng’s statement came after Israel approved the proposed 2023-2024 budget. Of the proposals, as many as 3.5 billion Israeli shekels or around IDR 14 trillion are for illegal settlement projects.

Based on reports, there are around 600 thousand illegal settlers living in 164 settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


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