‘Child has to go to an emergency room immediately if he sees disinfectant’

Children should be extra careful about the disinfectant gels that are now everywhere. These gels are usually at the eye level of children. If anything comes into their eyes, it will cause a chemical burn, warns the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. This is reported by RTV Rijnmond.

Ophthalmologist Tjeerd de Faber advises parents of children with disinfectant in their eyes to rinse them immediately with water, even in a shopping center or supermarket – and then immediately go to the emergency room. The gels often contain between 70 and 80 percent alcohol and can destroy the vital cells in the eye within a few minutes.

Protective layer

“Children that you cannot properly examine at that time must be urgently put under anesthesia to rinse or scrape away that stuff as quickly as possible,” says De Faber. The eye produces 10,000 cells every day to form a protective layer, and without those cells you run a high risk of blindness. “Children under the age of 7 can get lazy eyes.”

By: Nationale Zorggids

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