Chiara Moiszi starts the next jump at KR Karlsruhe

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The long break from competition for the gymnasts ends in Mannheim at the weekend. The 13 year old Chiara Moiszi will celebrate her debut for the team of KR Karlsruhe.

New to the KRK team: 13 year old gymnast Chiara Moiszi from Herbolzheim in southern Baden is about to make her Bundesliga premiere.

Photo: Markus Gilliar / GES

So now: Bundesliga. But excited? “It works,” says Chiara Moiszi, “actually not yet.” She doesn’t really know what to expect at her premiere. “I have no idea,” says the 13-year-old athlete from the Kunstturn Region Karlsruhe (KRK) before her first division debut on the day of competition this Saturday in Mannheim.

In addition to Anna-Lena König, who is one year older, Moiszi is the second gymnast to move from TV Herbolzheim in southern Baden to the Karlsruhe base and to the KRK. “It’s pretty good here,” says Moiszi and grins at her trainer Tatjana Bachmayer. She is happy about the addition of the two squad athletes in her overall young and recently not so broad-based team.

Gymnastics flat share with teammate and trainer

“They have a lot of potential,” says the newly qualified trainer, who worked intensively with the two of them in the spring when training was only allowed for squad athletes. Bachmayer highlights the development work done in Herbolzheim. There, however, those responsible reached their limits in training, so both König and Moiszi dared to move to Karlsruhe. “I would like to develop myself further here,” says Moiszi from Freiburg, who has moved into a gymnastics flat together with König and a KRK trainer. “Cool”, thinks the Tulla high school student, “enormous” thinks such a step Bachmayer.

But Moiszi is also “really brave and very self-confident” when it comes to the equipment and new exercises, says Bachmayer. Moiszi landed in Herbolzheim through her home club FT Freiburg, where she did gymnastics for the TG Breisgau Third League and celebrated her greatest successes to date at the German Youth Championships last year with second place on the bars and third place on the parallel bars.

I especially like flying

Chiara Moiszi, gymnast from the CRC

It is simply “a cool feeling” to do gymnastics, “I especially like flying,” says Moiszi, who admittedly does not refer to involuntary departures from the beam. By the way, the tremor element of many of her colleagues is her favorite device. “Somehow that’s my strength,” says Moiszi, who will play a four-way battle like König on her Bundesliga debut. Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, the gymnasts had and have hardly any opportunities to confirm their squad points this season, so the league date plays an important role for the squad athletes.

The competition in Mannheim comes too early for Grießer

Bachmayer still has to do without her most experienced strength, Leah Grießer. The 22-year-old medical student is back in training after her knee operation in the spring, but Mannheim comes too early. The KRK also includes Marielle Billet and Alisha Igüs (both 15), Maellys Alferi, Marta Bogdanovic and Liliana Bratan (all 12). They should be used as much as possible to gain experience. Due to the special situation, a fifth gymnast is allowed to use the device. There are no relegated teams this season.

The second day of the competition in May had been canceled without replacement, on the first day the KRK squad surprisingly took third place at the “home game” in Grötzingen. However, with the Dutch guest gymnast Elze Geurts, whom Bachmayer cannot fall back on now. The final day of the competition will take place in Dresden on November 14th. Whether there can be a DTL final for the women this season is still open.

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