Chelsea prepared the way to the semifinals

AS.- It did not cost one of the 250 million euros that Chelsea invested this summer, but Mason Mount is without a doubt the star of this team. Not only is he being the best of the blues throughout the season in England, but this Wednesday, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where the great players shine, He left his mark again with a great goal and a flag game that make the team of his life dream. Little else could a Porto which, without its starting scorers, cost a world try to beat a team that has bolted since the arrival of Tuchel and that saw how, in the last 10 minutes, the tie slipped through his fingers with a goal from Chilwell in 84.

Match summary

The result is especially painful for the Portuguese, because, despite the fact that the game was played in Seville, as will happen in the second legThey acted like locals. Even though the priority of the dragons of Pepe It was to get back alive, and that they did a great second part, they couldn’t contain the magic of Mason Mount. The back-oriented control he made after the pass from Jorginho It is to be hung in a painting at home, but the definition of the long stick did not leave any option to Marchesin.

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One of the best news for Tuchel, without a doubt, it was the great game that the team played in all lines, especially when Porto pressed the most, and, in the last ten minutes, when gasoline was already running out for those of Conceiçao, Chelsea imposed their quality. First, with a tremendous shot from Pulisic to the crosshead, and then, after a resounding failure by Corona, with Chilwell’s goal, who came to dribble the goalkeeper to leave the tie practically sentenced.

Photo: AS

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