Check your horoscope for December 9, 2020 | Daily News

Solar time December 9, 2020 Lunar period Corresponds to Wednesday, 9 lunar months, 1 year of the Rat, Chulalongkorn. 1382 Rising sun Time 06.31 True Time 12.11 Sunset Time 17.50 Monday rise Time 01.47

Today Time 00.00-08.42 hrs. Dao Chan Savoei Utraphol Kunee, the 12th constellation consisting of Joro of the auspicious, Joro means a thief who thieves at 08.43-24.00 hours. Of auspicious or Vesiyo of auspicious tesatari means cross-country, means auspiciousness Wednesday – Sinful times at 00.00-06.30 – auspicious time is auspicious, Joro category at 06.31-24.00 The auspicious direction – Payap direction (Northwest) unfortunate south – south east (South East) Color of the Day – Green Lucky color – purple, Tabak flower. Unfortunate color – pink. The zodiac sign of Sri Sathit – Taurus Zodiac sign that Kali stars in – Pisces

Born today boy Good appearance honestly Honest and fair Negotiations are weightless, clear, reliable, know how to negotiate, polite. To do something arbitrarily Work on speaking, writing, public relations. Communication, travel, transportation If working two jobs will be long and stable. Can’t depend on relatives If the ordination will prosperGirl Has a good appearance With fortune and philanthropy Intelligent, agile, negotiating, tactful, intelligent Faith in religion Interested in the occult With a supportive person The future is prosperous, famous.

Born on sunday Have the opportunity to work part-time Being weak and careless will cause useless wasting of money. Should not invest in this period because it will not be worth it. Regarding property and money should be cautious. Make it clear and transparent, which can be easily checked. If there is a problem, they can survive by themselves in every situation.

Born on Monday Should listen to the advice of those around him Relationships with people should look closely at their history. Knowing he knows us the best. So that there will be no mistakes and regrets later. You can harmonize the unity of the group well. Have the opportunity to use their knowledge and abilities Honesty and fairness are the hallmark of your job.

Born on Tuesday More efficient work Business negotiations went well. Relationships with friends go well. Happy, enjoying work By relying on knowledge, capabilities and modern equipment to accomplish the task quickly. Have the opportunity to participate in social events Regarding property and money

Born on a Wednesday To get the right job Should find some free time to study and gain additional knowledge and experience Finance continues to fluctuate. Get a lot, spend a lot Therefore there should be careful spending Investments and reserves should be carefully considered. Will have extra income or get money back There were many people interested, so it was easily shaken.

Born on thursday The pursuit of work earnestly makes the business progressing. Will get a friend or a partner who likes to wait for advice Making a legal contract will be successful soon. There will be income coming in from time to time, so it should be saved as cash to spend to improve the old job better than to invest the money in new jobs or uncertain

Born on friday The heavy problem was solved. Will study and have additional knowledge as well It is better to avoid or deny a guarantee of person or property. Love will frown over each other because it doesn’t matter. There is forgiveness. Should lead the lover to open up in society. People who have a family can love each other as well.

Born on Saturday Friends introduce new jobs to do Should be careful about dating friends because they can be deceived. Lack of restraint, temperance, or anger often makes it easy to have problems with coworkers. If there is a problem, they should adjust their understanding with friends as soon as possible. Before any more misunderstandings Speak what you should be careful.




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