Charly Alberti recalled how Chris Martin discovered Soda Stereo

Coldplay held their ninth recital at River. There is still one more to be done to break the record. This last night was not another. Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio, members of Soda Stereo, appeared on stage to surprise the audience in the English version of “Persiana Americana” and “De Música Luz”. Chris Martin sings in Spanish and the fans jump and sing in the chorus.

During these marathon performances in Buenos Aires, the band performed the Soda classic from the Canción Animal album. The same thing happened on his previous visit, in Unique stadium of La Platabut this time it had a very special flavor.

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Watch the video of Soda Stereo with Coldplay performing “Persiana Americana” at the Monumental. (Photo: Grano Gerardi) (Video: Twitter Flacostereo)

In an interview last year, the Coldplay singer told some details about his interest in the remembered Argentine trio. “A friend told me we had to play ‘De musica light’ and we did and this was probably the best musical sensation of my entire life.”

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The first time Chris Marin heard Soda Stereo

The singer met Soda through polo player Nacho Figueras. “He is a fan of the band and a good friend of Chris. A few years ago he showed him some songs. When they came to the previous visit, Nacho suggested to the singer that they should play it“, He told us Carlo Alberti a The Viola hours before going up to the imposing stage of the Monumentale.

“On that occasion they invited me to accompany them on stage, but that very day I had to give in to Paraguay my first lecture on the environmentl as a UN ambassador, ”he commented. The leader of Coldplay told the Argentine musician that this event was much more important than the concert. Time would give another chance. He did not fail.

“From that moment the possibility opened up. As of today, Coldplay are giving a very successful recitals and are great musicians. It seems to me an act of humility and respect because they have made a version of it that is very good. In addition, Chris took the trouble to study the texts in Spanish. I thought it was a very nice gesture. “described Alberti, who was playing with the band at the sound check on Saturday and even recorded some drums for an upcoming work with Coldplay.

Soda Stereo, on the “You’ll see me back” tour in 2007.

Chris Martin and his participation in “Gracias Totales – Soda Stereo”

The leader of Coldplay was one of the guests -through the screens- who made the famous tour that crossed different parts of Latin America, the United States and Argentina.

“When we decided who was going to participate in the project, we thought they had to be artists with some sort of connection to Soda, who had played with us or who had publicly expressed their interest. Chris Martin had already done “De musica light” in La Plata and had expressed his affection for our music. I got in touch and invited him. “

The drummer recalled that the last time the three sodas played live of light music”Was also at the Monumental, as part of the 2007 tour“ You’ll see me come back ”:“ Also, the last time Chris sang it with us was in Argentina, with Gustavo (Cerati) on the screens ”.

Alberti described a particular interest in Coldplay. “I liked his music from the start. It seems to me a great band, which like others are undergoing transformations in their music ”.

In turn, both musicians share their interest in caring for the environment. “Total thanks that was it the first carbon neutral grand tour and this Coldplay tour is on the same path too. We always talk about it and we can have a common project in the future ”, anticipates Alberti.

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