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At this year’s world‘s largest IT and home appliance exhibition’CES 2021’, the biggest topic was the appearance of a future society using advanced technologies such as 5G and future autonomous driving based on it, electric vehicles, and AIoT.

In addition, while China‘s participation in the U.S.-China trade dispute was low, domestic companies including Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics showed innovative technologies in the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) and IOT sectors, and it is evaluated that they attracted attention.

CES, the first ever online event in 55 years, will close after a four-day schedule on the 14th (U.S. local time).

This year’s CES has fewer participating companies, and as it is conducted online, its accessibility has improved, but the level of interest did not reach previous events. The number of participating companies, which reached 4,400 last year, was limited to 1968 in a total of 48 countries.

In particular, due to the trade dispute between the United States and China, the presence of Chinese companies was far less than in the past. Since last year, the size of booths as well as events held by company has been reduced from last year. This year, the atmosphere was more shrunken than last year.

In China, 1368 companies participated last year, showing a higher status, but this year only 203 companies participated.

Even in this situation, the topic this year can be summarized as the spread of 5G technology. Verizon Chairman Hans Bestberry mentioned 5G as a core technology for remote medical treatment and online education in his keynote speech.

Verizon announced that it has started a service that allows spectators and home viewers to enjoy the game more vividly by capturing NFL games from 7 camera angles through ultra wide band 5G.

He also mentioned that it is working with the Smithsonian Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to digitize relics and artworks held by these institutions with high fidelity.

“5G has made the future a reality,” said Bestberg. “These changes will accelerate work from home, remote classes, and telemedicine.”

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics showed more advanced AI and IoT technologies.

Samsung’s robot cleaner equipped with Intel’s AI solution for the first time in the world, LG Electronics’ wearable air cleaning mask, and the world‘s first rollable phone attracted attention. In the case of LG Electronics, it showed off its AI technology by making a surprise appearance of the virtual human Raea.

Raea is a virtual entity that can interact like a real person through AI algorithms and computer graphics technology. Until recently, 3D images have been learned through deep learning technology. He appeared as a speaker at this event and showed a three-dimensional and lively appearance.

In the TV technology, which is called the flower of CES, global companies have a competition.

Samsung Electronics introduced a new 2021 model’Neo QLED’,’Micro LED’ and lifestyle TV.

‘Neo QLED’ is implemented by applying’Quantum Mini LED’ to implement a 40th of the size of an LED element used as a backlight, and more elements are placed. A’micro layer’ is applied to the LED device to reduce the size of the device and to control the light more precisely.

In addition to differentiated display performance, Neo QLED achieved innovation through ▲innovative design ▲artificial intelligence-based sound ▲enhanced smart and game functions. In addition, the 110-inch micro LED TV, which was first unveiled in Korea last month, was introduced to the global market through Samsung First Look. In March-April, the 110-type and 99-type products are scheduled to be released sequentially in the global market, starting with Korea, and smaller 70-80-type products are planned to be introduced within the year.

LG Electronics, led by self-luminous OLED, which has become more perfect as a next-generation panel ▲LG QNED MiniLED with its own high-color reproduction technology’Quantum Nano Cell Color Technology’ and mini LED ▲ Premium LCD TV lineup such as LG Nanocell TV Showed off.

TCL, a Chinese home appliance maker, also unveiled OD Zero(TM) mini LED technology for the first time. The high-performance ultra-slim TCL TV with OD Zero technology is expected to be released when the point of sale this year approaches. Hisense has officially announced a complete line of’Laser TVs’ with screen sizes ranging from 75 to 100 inches, and greatly improved brightness, gamut and immersive experience. The possibilities of laser displays are accelerating more than ever. According to the company, overseas sales of Hisense laser TVs increased by 288% over the previous year.

Along with this, the electronics industry has spurred its efforts to attack mobility by presenting electronic component solutions as the autonomous driving and electric vehicle markets are in full swing.

Samsung Electronics and Harman introduced’Digital Cockpit 2021′. Earlier in 2018, Samsung Electronics and Harman introduced a digital cockpit that digitized the device that controls the convenience functions of cars in the front of the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat. The technology unveiled this time reinforced the infotainment system that turns the interior of the car into a’third living space’.

LG Display introduced automotive displays at this CES. In the offline exhibition hall prepared for CES, various vehicle displays were exhibited, including the concept of electric vehicles employing curved and rollable displays based on P-OLED.

LG Electronics, which recently established a joint venture with Magna, also expressed great expectations for the electronics business. Earlier, LG Electronics announced that it will establish a joint venture with Magna International, the world‘s third-largest auto parts maker, to increase its business competitiveness and growth potential amid the rapid trend of automobile electrification in the global market.


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